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Updated on March 02, 2013
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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So about two weeks ago I had a yeast infection (whoo hoo right!) got that kicked. Somehow though it stirred up a bladder infection. I am not sure if I had them at the same time but well my stubborn butt didnt get to the DR. ( I am going Monday, earliest I could get in.) However, Houston we have a problem!!!!!!!. Its getting worse kinda quick.

Here is a run down of whats going on Dr MAMA's: (warning tmi starts here)
Painful Urination
Itching/burning (burns like a b**** when I pee)
Urine stream will stop do to pain
Cloudy as all get out urine
Dont know about a fever havent checked.
I possibly may be bleeding when I pee... Not sure on this one so weigh it how you want. It could have been mirena period (extremely light)

Here are the things that have changed so I dont know if these could cause some symptoms
I started Phentermine for weight loss.
Started drinking water like a dehydrated cow
I am eating less do to the pills
and I workout a lot more.

Any suggestions on what can ease this till monday? Or any ideas on what the hell is a real symptom or a symptom of the changes?

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So What Happened?

ETA- small town iowa does not have urgent care... Sorry

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answers from Philadelphia on

My doctor would prescribe antibiotics over the phone with those symptoms. Call them and say you must speak to the doctor.

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answers from Eau Claire on

Drink cranberry juice like its going out of style. I mean a TON of it. I had a friend drink a ton over a weekend and by Monday the infection was almost gone.

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answers from Houston on

You really need to press to see the doctor today. Call them and tell them all of the symptoms you just described to us. It's a five minute appointment (you pee in a cup, doc asks what are your symptoms, you tell him/her, he/she writes the prescription, urine sample goes to lab, you go to pharmacy - can you tell I've done this routine a few times?) so surely they can work you in today.

Bladder infections become kidney infections in short order - watch for a fever and back ache as those classic signs of a kidney infection. Your symptoms won't magically get better with anything but drugs. You can sorta help them by drinking pure cranberry (bitter, no sugar), taking AZO standard pills, avoiding all sugary drinks, drinking lots of water, etc. The doctor will ask for you to pee in a cup (be prepared by drinking water beforehand) and will probably prescribe two medications - an antiobiotic and pills to alleviate the symptoms (burning while urinating and hurting in general). They will send your urine off to sample to make sure the antiobiotic prescribed does the job. If it won't treat your particular infection, you'll get another antiobiotic.

Oh, if the doctor absolutely cannot see you until Monday, ask them to prescribe a common antiobiotic for teating UTIs and for the pills which treat the symptoms. My doctor is willing to do this when it is the weekend. Let's face it UTI symptoms are pretty cut and dried and it's not like you are going to be using these drugs to get high. An argument I have used for getting the prescriptions after hours.

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answers from Chicago on

Defintely call the doc and tell them it is urgent and there is blood in your urine. Years ago a coworker had a UTI and ignored it because she was so busy with her kids and their stuff. Made an appointment for over a week later. She was in so much pain and still had 2 days to go for doc appt. She ended up in the ER with a UTI, Kidney Infection, and Bladder infection. Stayed 3 days in the hospital for antibiotics and fluids. She could not even move.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You cannot "wait out" a UTI.
If you don't have an urgent care and can't see a doc, go to the ER for a UA.
You need an antibiotic for this if it is a UTI.
Good luck.

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answers from Portland on

I just got over one, and the pain from the symptoms like you are describing kept getting worse and worse, and I was on the antibiotics, but I had to let them work. The medicine that made the HUGE difference is called Uricalm, and it has more of the medicine in it than the AZO. Its the one that turns your pee orange. But, you really need to get those anitbiotics; if there really is blood then it could be in your kidneys and if you don't get that taken care of you will end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. I bet you could get a nurse's appointment where you just go in and pee in a cup and she dips it and says, yes, you have bacteria. Then she tells the doc and they give you a script. Good luck and feel better, but get to the doc before Monday!!!

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answers from Chicago on


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answers from New York on

Your doctor is making you wait until Monday???
Urinary tract infections can progress pretty quickly, fever is not always present with UTI. Call your MD again and tell them that you are extremely uncomfortable and cannot wait until Monday. If you can't get past the receptionist insist on speaking to the doctor.

A couple doses of antibiotic will have you feeling better pretty fast!

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answers from Portland on

My doctor has always gotten me in the same day when I've had a UTI. Call back and tell them how serious your symptoms are. Insist on getting in now.

It's important to start treatment RAW. The longer you wait the more chance you have that the infection will get to other organs. Call the Doctor!

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answers from Chicago on

I would call the DR back and see if you can get in.. let them know these sympotoms.

Drink cranberry juice.. that should help to heal.

If you can not get to the dr today.. then go to an urgent care.

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answers from Dallas on

Monday is too long. If your doctor will not call in a prescription to get you through until Monday, then you need to go to the ER. Anything UTI related can get very bad very fast and can even become life threatening.

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answers from Dallas on

Start drinking cranberry juice - not the punch stuff but 100% juice. It will really help. You can also get the Azo pills. They are at the pharmacy but over the counter. They will also help. Keep drinking lots of water. Sounds like you have a UTI but you need to see the doctor to make sure. The stuff I just told you won't hurt if you don't but will really help if you do. Hope you feel better soon !


answers from San Francisco on

There is an over the counter med that you can use to treat the symptoms until you get in to see the doc. Can't remember the name of it but just ask the pharmacist.


answers from Milwaukee on

try drinking any type of juice with cranbarries in it



answers from Raleigh on

I had a bladder infection and didn't even know it. It just happened to show up in a physical. Weird huh? Get you some AZO. Works pretty well. That should help until Monday.
And make sure to always pee after sex!! :)



answers from Cumberland on

Go to the ER-I know you probably have two kidneys-but seriously-your goal is to take care of both of them and yourself! Good luck!

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