Black Spots on Tongue of Baby?

Updated on February 20, 2011
A.P. asks from Phoenixville, PA
8 answers

My 10 week old has a cluster of black spots on the middle of his tongue that don't seem to go away. He doesn't have any other symptoms. I am breastfeeding but have no symptoms of thrush. Any idea what this is?

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answers from Seattle on

Docter! :)

It could be a bunch of different things, but it's worth getting it looked at sooner rather than later.

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answers from Columbus on

Has your baby been on antibiotics? If so, it could be "hairy tounge". Other than that I'm not sure. Be on the lookout for other symptoms and be sure to talk to his pediatritian at his next apt. Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

It could be "black hairy tongue" you can google it they have pictures. You should contact your pediatrician too just to make sure that is what it is.



answers from Philadelphia on

When we discovered my son and I both had thrush, my son's symptoms definitely manifested first. He had white spots all over his tongue and the inside of his cheeks. I had no idea what thrush was.... He also had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away... It became really red and inflamed...

It wasn't until later that week that I started getting REALLY sore... a lactation consultant also explained that my nipples looked a little shiny.

I don't know if that helps... I did a Google search and saw that for some it was like a birth mark and for others it was unexplainable and just went away...



answers from Pittsburgh on

Call the pediatrician.



answers from Philadelphia on

Have you been taking Pepto Bismol? I know it can cause black tongue in the person taking it.


answers from Nashville on

i was googling and there seem to be a bunch of posts about black spots on babys tongue and it seems to be thrush. I would def. call the ped. about it.



answers from Johnstown on

Are they possibly blood blisters?

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