Black/Purplish Spot on Tongue on 7 1/2 Month Old Baby

Updated on November 03, 2010
C.H. asks from Chicago, IL
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I 'm a first time mom of a 7 1/2 month old baby girl. My daughter has had three ear infections in the past 3 months. She was given Cephalosporin antibiotics for the first two ear infections and for this last infection she was given Amoxicillan which she took for 10 days. About 2 days after finishing this medication we noticed she had a black sort of purplish color spots in the middle part of her tongue. I thought it was just a food she had and that it would go away. So she had it for a week now and I took her to her pediatrician since she also did not want to drink her formula. Her doc put her on Nystatin which she said it may be a yeast infection. I thought that would usually be white spots on the tongue and not black? Has anyone experienced or encountered something like this before?? I just need a second opinion..

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for such great information! I am definately switching doctors because I was never told anything about Probiotics nor was I told it could have been a reaction to the medication she might have taken. It's so frustrating that I think some doctors should not be practicing medicine. I am taking my daughter to see a new pediatrician on Monday and will update you all then. THANK YOU ALL!!

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From googling "antibiotics and black tongue" sounds normal and is something that will subside once stopping the antibiotics.

Note in this link, it states black tongue is a side-effect of Amoxicillin:

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I know one of the side effects of the Amoxicillin, not sure about the other antibiotics, is that you can get a black "hairy" tongue as a result of fungal growth. I would give your daughter some probiotics to help counter all of the antibiotics she has been on. Hope she is feeling better soon.



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if it doesn't go away.. bring her to a dentist.. sounds crazy.. but they will be able to look and see what they say.. if you don't have a dentist.. see your dr. again.. good luck



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all those antibiotics killed all the good bacteria in her boxy. if your pediatrician didnt suggest you give her probiotics to restore her flora id find a new pediatrician


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I might be wrong, but I heard that Amoxicillan can cause your tongue to turn purple/black temporarily. But then....I have never seen this in person. Just seems to me I read something like that.



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Caranda, Your baby needs high doses of pro (for)-biotics (life)...Her good bacteria is probably non exsistent afterall those rounds of anti (against) biotics (life). You can find good quality baby brands at the health food stores.



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When I was little I use to suck on my tounge. This sounds weird but right after surgery or if I am really sick I still do this. Its not a concious thing i wake up and just find myself doing it. I always get a blackish purple bruise on the middle of my tounge.



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My son had that at about the same age, maybe a little younger. We never brought him to pediatrician as it faded after a few days, maybe a week. We think it was when he was teething and maybe was biting on his tongue. It was definitely a blue/purple color. I wouldn't worry, but watch it, and if it doesn't fade after another week then go back to dr.

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