Black Mold Inside My Dishwasher?

Updated on April 07, 2011
E.M. asks from Carrollton, TX
7 answers

Hi Moms,

This is a totally random question, but last night after removing my dishes from the dishwasher, I noticed there seems to be black mold all over the silverware tray and the bottom level of the dishwasher, as well as some black residue on about half the dishes I took out. What could have caused this? And more importantly, how do I clean out my dishwasher? Can I run a cycle while it's empty? Should I use a special kind of cleaner?

Thanks for your help!

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answers from Washington DC on

It might not be mold but something that broke free from the bottom and got over everything.

I know that mold does grow in the vent portion of the dishwasher - that happens when you close the door completely....when you have dirty dishes in it.

You can buy "dishwasher cleaner" it's a white bottle with a blue lid at your grocery store - run it once through - it should help! NO DISHES may be in your dishwasher when you do this.

If that doesn't help - run it again.....if your husband is a handyman - have him pull out the bottom rack, unscrew the bottom rotater blade and remove any gunk there!!

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answers from Dallas on

Spray disinfectant with bleach all over the mold. Let it sit with the door closed a while, then scrub with a brush. Run the dishwasher empty with just hot water 1st, then empty with detergent. Turn on the heat drying the 2nd time you run it.

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answers from Albany on

They make a dishwasher cleaner for that purpose that you run through a cycle (or two) without any dishes in it, forget the name.

I just use a little CLR once a month or so, not very green, I know, but effective.


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answers from Chicago on

I don;t have a dishwasher but the tray I use for drying my dishes gets this gunk. It does look like mold but it is mostly a buildup from hardwater and is the worst with the area for silver ware. We try to do it once a week but we scrub the tray with kitchen cleanser since it has bleach. Good as new. A friends silverware thing from her dishwasher comes out to easily put away and she scrubs it in the sink. She also wipes out the dishwasher every other week to get rid of any buildup. You might need to use a brush on the bottom part to loosen the stuff. It is similar to what you might get in the shower if you don't wash the walls.

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answers from Minneapolis on

simple you haven't kept the diswasher cleaned. They require maintanance, just like your washing machine ever looked inside the soap dispenser that needs cleaned also to avoid mold. Anywhere water stands still is a breading ground for it. It is usually recommended to bleach the dishwasher and washing machine at least ever six months, CLR also helps keep it clean, we do bleach ever 6 mo and clr usually every three months. Just because soapy water runs through the machine doesn't mean it's cleaning the machine itself. It is meant to clean the dishes. Should also be cleaning the grates at the bottom and inbetween where the door and the bottom of the machine meet.

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answers from Honolulu on

Try calling and asking a home appliance center.



answers from Cincinnati on

I also run CLR in my dishwasher. on the bottle there is directions how to use it..gets rid of calcium rust and lime...Im sure it will get the mold too

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