Black Dress for Wedding

Updated on July 15, 2012
B.B. asks from Mesquite, TX
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hey moms does anyone know where in dallas county i can find a black dress wedding dress? Ok to narrow my question, sorry ladies, ok 1st off its for a friend who is getting married after brin with her man for 14 years, they are not having a big wedding at all, she just really wants a black dress, she found one she like alot but we found out today this website was a fraud site... So I'm trying to help her find her dream dress and I know there has to be one here in Dallas somewhere..she wants something all balck or can have little red on it like roses or something, hope this helps, thanks ladies

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answers from Dallas on

David's Bridal in Lewisville. Funny, welcome to the world of Mamapedia - where you usually get answers to questions you didn't ask.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would google it, I am sure you have already done that though and not found any that were suitable. So I am going to recommend you start a different path. Start looking at the classifieds and find a seamstress who will make your dream dress. I think that would be the option for me. That way I get to pick the fabric, I get to pick the pattern, and I get to select each and every item that goes on it from sequins to beads.

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answers from Seattle on

As in a full black wedding dress? For you?

I always liked the white wedding dress, with the black lace detailing, think it's beautiful.

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answers from Dallas on

Like just a dress for someone attending the wedding or being it one? For attending you might look at JC Pennys. Or at one of the malls around.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you can't find one, you can always buy a white one you like and have it dyed. I hear white stains easily. ;)

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answers from San Francisco on

You can find a beautiful black dress just about anywhere :)
Are you looking for something big and poofy with lots of bead work? That may be harder.
I got married in 1992 and my dress was fitted black velvet, with a cream lace/crochet trim. It was Jessica McClintock, off the rack from Macy's. It was not a "wedding" dress but it was beautiful and perfect and cost around $150!

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answers from Spokane on

we need more detail!

I searched for black prom dress and found a ton! I am sure one would work for a wedding dress.

@ Mamazita ~ that sounds like the exact dress I wore to my senior prom in 1992 :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

What about a black sash, black purse and black shoes with a white dress? (and maybe a black flower in hair)

You are the bride, i am guessing? Forgive me, i had a hard time understanding.

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answers from Phoenix on

Google it, there are tons, not sure if they are in TX or not but David's Bridal came up with one and they are everywhere. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

a black pageant gown may work for you, try Whatchamcallit in North Dallas, I think it is still there. you can find a good selection of black evening gowns there usually. I know a few gown designers if you want to go that route but their gowns start at $2000-$3000 and go up from there. I also know of some pageant gown resale websites that have great deals on them. you can private message me if you think that will work for you and I can send you a link. depending on the size you need I have a friend that has one for sale, I think it is a 2-4, beautiful customized gown black velvet with a bodice that looks like black n gold lace, halter cut.



answers from Dallas on

I am surprised that you are having a fard time finding a black formal dress. If you want something on a budget and off the rack, try these locations:

A Bridal Closet- It's the outlet store for Stardust located inside the Shops at Willow Bend Mall, open on weekends only, they always have BM and wedding gowns that are discontinued, some are heavily discounted. I had a formal wedding to go to and bought a Vera Wang Bride's Maid dress for $35, they always have something in black.

Last Call Neiman Marcus at Grapevine or Allen outlets- Both of these locations have formal gown, and you can find always something in black.

Consignement shops would be great place for formals, too. I like Labels in North Dallas, Preston & Frankford.



answers from Kansas City on

Have you tried David's? I know they try and keep up with the trends and they may have something. I'd call a few other speciality stores and see if they carry them or can tell you where to go.


answers from Chicago on

Black is becoming more popular, many places will show it in white/try on etc but offer in colors. I suggest you go to websites and find out the designers that offer this and find the stores they are carried in.

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