Bisphenol-A Free Bottles

Updated on May 01, 2008
C.M. asks from San Jose, CA
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Does anyone have any suggestions on Bisphenol-A free bottles. I'm currently using Avent and I called their customer service to see if they use this chemical in making their bottles and they do so i want to get a whole new set of bottles but on a limited budget. Any suggestions for cheap Bisphenol-A free bottles?

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You can buy a brand of bottle that is sold at all large, popular baby stores (like babies r us) - they are all Born Free, and are not real expensive. You can order them online too.



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Anything glass is good, but they are quite expensive. The only bottle my son would take is Avent (after trying so many) and the Avent Tempo (the one with liners, like Playtex drop-ins) are free of Bisphenol-A. Any drop ins are good, and I've heard that Born Free is good. Since my budget was limited, I switched to Avent Tempo, so I could at least still use the Avent nipple.



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Hi C.-

We used the Sassy MAM bottles (4oz). They are available from Target. They are not so cheap, but they aren't as expensive as the Dr. Brown's either.

When I did my research a year ago, all Avent bottles were polycarbonate (which releases BPA). Clear hard plastic is mostly PC, it also goes under the name lexan.

Good luck,



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I had that concern too, but I found out the chemicals are leached in high heat only. Like the dishwasher dry cycle!. So, I just got myself a good bottle brush and I wash them by hand. Hope that helps.




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I switched to the Playtex drop in bottles, they are inexpensive, light weight and really convenient.

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