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Updated on May 19, 2009
H.M. asks from Middlesex, NJ
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Hi I need help in planning my son's 4th birthday party i am haveing a pony come for this that is already taken care of but i dont kow what else to do for it I am inviting the kids in his preschool class including him there is 15 but a few never go to birthday parties the teacher said so that drops it down to 12 and i just found out that his preschool Graduation will be that morning but i need help with food idea's games and party favors and what not

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answers from New York on

You can buy one of those pull string pinatas. Right now Party City has party favors for 25 cents, like yoyos, whistles, boxes of crayons, etc. They also have games in a box not to expensive. They had the sack races for 6.99 came w/ 6 sacks. As for food ideas, I am having the same problem with that for my son's birthday party. Good Luck.



answers from Utica on

Trying to organize 4 yr olds with little or no attention span will be very frustrating. Love the pony idea, but then a bouncy house and some totes with legos or craft items will entertain them longer than the standard party games. They will become bored quickly with games that require "taking turns".



answers from New York on

Hi H.,
I did pony rides for my daughters 1st b-day party last year. The pony was a BIG hit! I think that will entertain the kids for an hour or more. We stuck with the western theme. Maybe you can play some simple horse theme party games if you think you need more activites. Pin the tail on the pony or a horseshoe toss game would be fun. For favors I did bandana's, sherrif badges, horse figures, which I all got at the dollar store. And made some chocolate pony lollipops. I also got a few cowboy hats which the kids took turns wearing for their ride on the horse.
For food, we did BBQ style, chicken, ribs, salads, baked beans. And I got red checked tablecloths to keep with the country western theme.
I'm sure your party will be a lot of fun. Be sure to have your video camera handy, the kids riding the pony is definitely a moment to remember!



answers from Rochester on

how about since you are having a pony why not do a cowboy theme. You can go online and get tons of ideas. But you could do hotdogs, chips, baked beans. juice. Remember they are only 4 years olds. Just the fact that they will get cake and ice cream is a big deal. Also you could go the dollar store and get each of them little goody bags. Since kids think that any birthday party they go to they will get presents. Just an idea! Just have fun most of all and don't go overboard. He's 4!!



answers from New York on

Three words to live by when it comes to parties and toddlers Face painting and bubbles. Hire someone to come out and paint their faces, if you have a theme ask the artist to stick to the theme. That's sure to be a big hit. Also try to get a bubble machine kids love bubbles, they chase them, try to pop them, try to eat them. It's great for them. Some other ideas would be a limbo contest, or set up a station for sand art and or decorate a scene. Basically get a huge picture of something goofy and set up stickers and let the children decorate the picture with the stickers. Good luck.



answers from New York on

H., I have my own personalized party favor business I started a couple of years ago. I give Mamasource moms a 10% discount. Please feel free to check out my website at I hope your son has a great party!



answers from New York on

We did a pony party for my daughter when she turned 4 as well and the kids had a blast. I ordered from oriental trading company a bunch of handkerchiefs as well as other pony type stuff and wrapped the favors in the handkerchief. It was a cute idea that the kids seemed to like. Oriental trading had pencils that had cowboy boots on them, I got stickers that had horses on them, I found golden nugget bubble gum, etc.

As for games, we didn't really do any. We had a bouncy house as well as a water slide set up (her bday is in June), so I didn't do any organized games (besides a pinata that was a cowboy boot). The kids were on the ponies pretty much constantly, so I didn't really need anything else.

Good luck!!

- K. :)

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