Birthday Planning for 3 Yr Daughter

Updated on August 05, 2008
K.H. asks from Allen, TX
5 answers

Hello - My daughter is turning 3 years old and she is so excited about her upcoming birthday party. She has requested a princess and / or dancing themed party. She really likes both equally. So, I can do something with just one theme or try to do something w/ both. I live in Allen, TX. Can anyone suggest how I can do this (either at a facility or my home)? She has a good number of buddies (boys and girls). Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Thank you,

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It would be cute to host a medevil princess party and have the girls dress up as their favorite princess character and the boys as their favorite knight or prince character...I know they are only 3 but that would be cute!!!

If you need party favors let me know!
A. J



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I just had a party at Pump It Up Jr in Plano (google the name to get the web site). it is great fun with 4 bounce houses age appropriate for toddlers. The party room does have a throne for the party girl to sit on. Another great place we have been for parties is Planet Pizza. Party City has absolutely wonderful selection of Princess table mats, cups, saucers, favors, games, etc. for princesses and you can get a princess cake at Albertson's, Wal-Mart etc. Of course you can always have it at your home and just get all the princess decorations & cake. Also US Toy has party decorations; probably less expensive than Party City, but not as much choice. good luck!



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We had the Fun Bus come to our house. They tumble & dance w/scarves & maracas. [email protected]
The owners are super sweet. They send you invitations- they drive up to your house- kiddos load up & play, exit through a slide in the back & leave. My dd talks about it all the time!!



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Take a look at this site has tons of great ideas for kids parties. I found some awesome ones for my dd princess party that also included boys. We also do pin the tail on the donkey and duck duck goose. both are huge hits:-} I personally prefer to have parties at home. It saves on money and kids are more comfortable. I also make cakes on the side. feel free to take a look at my website Have fun!!

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