Birthday Place for a 3-Year Old

Updated on January 23, 2015
M.T. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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Anyone know of a good and affordable place to have a birthday party for a 3 year old?

We had the last 2 birthday parties at our house, but this year we want to try something different. I was just wondering if anyone has thrown a toddler birthday party for their kids somewhere and enjoyed it. If so, please let me know the place. We prefer somewhere in palm beach county, FL

My son's birthday is in mid-April.

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So What Happened?

First -Apparently you are some stalker if you are searching through all my post. You have problems.

Secondly - OOPS! I made a typing error and wrote March one on post, but the other two post both refer to my child's birthday in April. OH MY...I made a little typing mistake....get over yourself and get a life

I am asking for some suggestions, not looking for stalkers that have no life

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answers from Dallas on

There is a website that had a ton of outside activities for families and kids when I searched under Palm Beach kid activities There are a ton of activities on there that might be a great place to host a birthday party. At 3 years old, I think I would just find a local park and have a small scale party with family and close friends.

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answers from Miami on

Hi M.,

My son's bday is mid-April also. If you do a morning party (before naptime) in mid-April you are not likely to have rain. I've been to several parties at Sugar Sand Park. If you are a Pompano resident, it will be more expensive as it is a Boca park - but maybe you have a Boca friend who could reserve a pavilion for you.

We recently attended a bday party in a park that had a donut theme. The cake was decorated as a donut and there were donuts and munchkins to eat...great decorations! Very colorful and fun!!!

At 3, you can do a 60-90 minute party. Give everyone a token or two for the merry go round. Play a few toddler games (London bridge, etc.), have cake and you are done before noon!

Have fun!

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answers from Columbia on

Hm. That's weird.

And, "May 30, 2012 - I have a 1 month old baby..."

Here, let me help you.

Sorry, I'm not answering this one. No mother forgets their child's birth month in multiple posts. I'm guessing MMP dummy account for when the board gets slow.

ETA: When's your daughter's birthday? Lady, your posts are RIFE with contradiction. Anyone who can read can see that. Wrong dates, on several posts, changed gender on several posts, etc. Now I catch you in multiple lies and you're trying to take the heat off yourself by calling me a stalker? Lame. Well, if we're playing the name-calling game, I'll go with it. You're a liar. Why lie? I don't get it. What do you have to gain?

ETA2: QUICK! Go change all your posts so you can attempt to gaslight everyone here!

Thanks for the amusement.

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answers from Dallas on

Good grief.. I just read your question and SWH.

Have you ever heard of google?

If you spew this much venom to people you know, you might as well stay home because no one would want to be around you.

Chill out girl, put your big girl panties on and figure out how many children you have and what are their genders/ages. Sicko I feel sorry for your kids, kid, or whatever you have.

There are not stalkers here, we look at previous postings to get a feel for what your interests may be. Get a life... no one is that interested in you here.

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answers from Washington DC on chuck e cheese. pizza hut.
i myself never cared for fast food kid parties, but from kindergarten on my kids sure loved 'em, so i sucked it up and dealt. also laser tag, batting cages, discovery museum, go-karts....... i mean, surely you know better than folks scattered across the nation what's available near you, right?
and no, it's not a 'little typing mistake' to switch march for april. they barely even share any letters. and i don't know many moms who don't remember their kids' birthday months without even reaching for it.
i don't think you're a troll, just a drama princess. you may well graduate to 'queen' when you grow up a little more.

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answers from St. Louis on

Interesting, you rip on Christy but even if we accept that small typo could you explain why your child's gender changed at least four times?

I can kind of accept moms get months wrong but the gender, nah, you are full of it.

Oh and psycho, since you called Christy a stalker, we look at your past posts to get some idea of what you kid likes but since I couldn't even figure out the correct gender I have no suggestions.

Per other responses, genuine question? This fake immediately ripped Christy as stalker and then when I posted another discrepancy that no parent would do, gender, they bolted and never responded to that. There is nothing genuine or real about this poster. I could even accept a random he she mix up but these are whole posts where her child is she with webbed toes but a he got the surgery. Not sure why people would rather attack real people defending someone who clearly isn't real.

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answers from Detroit on

And to think I almost skipped reading this question. Nice detective work, ladies.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about cost, but if you have a Gymboree Play and Music near you they do awesome toddler/little kid parties.

ETA: Uh... I just read the ETA and other answers. Now I just keep wondering why you are asking over and over about birthday parties for fake kids? Is it like some strange viral marketing or research thing? Just the boring troll ever? Drunk typing where you misplace dates and genders of your kids?

Anyway, Christy or anyone isn't a stalker because they checked your last post. Everyone does that. It's how they catch people who are lying.

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answers from San Francisco on

Toddlers don't usually enjoy "destination" parties.
I don't either because you have to take everything there, sign waivers, bring everything back to the house, it's simply more work in my opinion, and expensive, and your kid usually starts to melt down halfway into it. I just don't get how parents find these kinds of parties enjoyable at all but hey, to each their own.
If you are compelled to have one I would suggest doing it at a park, which would be fun for all, most importantly the birthday boy.
Or maybe a low key pizza place or something like that.
Since the people on this site are from all over the country I suggest you do a google or yelp search for local reviews.

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answers from Boston on

As always, it's so much more helpful for you if you put your location in the TITLE of your post! Not everyone reads every post or even receives every post, so if you really want to get noticed by people in your area, put the geographic location in the title and not in the body of the post.

Secondly, do we really need to get so snarky on this board, back and forth with accusations and insults. I don't think you need to call people stalkers on a public board - it's very common to go back and check prior posts to remind ourselves of who a questioner is and what their prior issues have been. I don't think some of the answers need to be so cruel, but you do have to admit it's odd to see you talking about a 2.5 year old daughter having tantrums in October and now you want help planning a party for your 3 year old son in April or March. If there are twins, then say so because you'll be planning 2 parties, right? If you don't have a shared birthday party and want separate ones for each child, that's fine. But if they aren't twins, then there clearly are huge discrepancies here, and no one wants to spend time answering questions that are less than honest or forthcoming.

Personally, we NEVER used venues for toddler birthdays. I think big parties for children that age are overwhelming for the birthday child as well as the invited children. The guests aren't old enough to understand that they have to give a toy to the birthday kid and they can't have one themselves or play with it. Some kids just really can't handle crowds and overstimulation. None of them "get it" so it's almost always a headache. Since your daughter was prone to tantrums, you might want to think about putting her in a stressful situation. You will need your husband to help manage any party, and if she is not inclined to accept his discipline. I don't know how your son is, but I'm assuming that your daughter would at least be invited to the boy's party. Big parties are difficult for 6 and 7 and 8 year olds, and they're almost impossible for 3 and 4 year olds. That's why home parties are really the easiest - don't invite every single relative, don't invite the entire preschool class, just have cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday" and wear some party hats and be done with it. Clean-up isn't much with a small group. Otherwise, since you live in Florida and have the advantage of good weather, go to a playground. Do it at a time of day when the kids aren't going to be so overtired and need naps, have a very small picnic, and let them run around on the slide and climbing structures. Take a few pictures and go home before everyone melts down. The other parents will totally appreciate you holding this to a 1.5 hour party and not having a ton of structure or activities other than what the kids create themselves.

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answers from Chicago on

Parks are always fun, but really, for toddlers, the home is the best place.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I had a bowling party for one of my sons when he turned three. We only invited three friends and his brother so it was quite manageable. With three year olds I wouldn't do more than five kids, unless you are at home.

I helped another mom at a glow in the dark mini golf party for her son turning three and it was a disaster! She had too many kids (about 12). A dozen 2 and 3 year olds running around in the dark with golf clubs is not a good time!

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answers from Norfolk on

Have a picnic party at a local park.
It's great for the kids to run around outside - and there's no mess at your house that way.

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answers from Chicago on

Yikes! I'm so sorry about some of the responses you've gotten to your genuine question. I guess my answer would be to think about what your child enjoys most - my son is turning 4 in March and he desperately wants his party at Chuck E Cheese! He is very into games - he has 2 older sisters that he loves to play with. When my girls were younger, we had a party at a gymnastics place, which was awesome because you could invite as many people as you want - family & friends - and everyone had fun running around and getting out all their energy! We also had a party at a local chocolate store where the kids made their own chocolate pizza by pouring chocolate into a round mold and then topping it with gummy worms, sprinkles, etc. I've also done many parties at the local park district. Check yours out - ours has toddler specific parties as well as many other themed parties and the kids always had fun. Best wishes to you and have fun planning! :)

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answers from Santa Fe on

When my son was that age he was really into pretending to put out fires with the hose in the backyard. I called the fire department and they were happy to host a party bc they have to put in so many hours of community education. They let the kids sit in the fire trucks (and get their photos taken), showed them all the cool gear, taught them what firefighters do, put on the full gear and mask to show them they are nice and not scary, and last they took them out back and squirted giant amounts of water to the oohs and ahhs of the kids. They also gave every kid a bag of goodies and a plastic fireman hat! Another good place where we live is the local nature center. They put on 3 different themed parties for young kids. They have many different reptiles, snakes, amphibians, and insects there in aquariums and one party revolves around learning about animals, and getting to hold/touch some of them. Another one has to do with nature and the kids take a little hike and look for certain things. A recommend either of these for a 3 year old!



answers from Washington DC on

Have you looked into area sports complexes? We have local sports complexes, either soccer or gymnastics that have very reasonable party places. Also, a lot of places near us offer discounts if you are able to do the party during the week. Check Living Social and Groupon as some places near me often offer discounts on parties.

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