Birthday Party with Police/Police Theme?

Updated on March 09, 2014
E.K. asks from Wood Dale, IL
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Hi Moms,

My soon to be 7 year old dreams of being a cop. I'd love to throw him a party with real policemen. There is a place near us called "FireZone" where it is run by actual firefighters. They do games with the kids and educate them on fire safety. It's a play place as well, and they host birthday parties with pizza and cake. Does anyone know of a place like that with police? I'm in Wood Dale, so anywhere near the northwest suburbs of Chicago would be great.
Thank you!

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answers from Phoenix on

I would contact your local police department and ask for the DARE officer or the off-duty coordinator. Police give presentations to schools and community groups all the time, I am sure you could arrange a presentation for your son's party. Plus, cops love off-duty work, and presenting to a group of kids would be a pretty easy off-duty gig! I would expect to pay at least $35-50/hour or more, depending on your area.
ETA: Also check with the local police Explorers, they may have some suggestions.

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answers from Tampa on

Call your local Law Enforcement Department (Police or Sheriff) and speak to them about it and see if you can arrange a tour of a sub-station/precinct while also having a presentation done for the kids. If there is a chance and no other call outs I would try to see if you can do it during a shift when some specialty units/officers are going to be there - Motorcycle/K9/etc.

Believe me LEOs LOVE sharing with kids in a positive manner and if it is in your budget - see if you can bring extra pizzas to the tour and feed the officers as well.

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answers from New York on

Call your police station. They might be able to arrange a tour of the Police Academy where these guys train. Think that would be better than the station. Never know what they will see. Then have kids back to house. I am sure you can find police paper goods on line.

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answers from San Francisco on

I've never heard of such a thing but you can always call the police dept. and ask. I mean if the firefighters are doing it maybe the police do too.

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answers from Chicago on

I know that both Naperville and Darien have areas called "Safety Town," where I think you might be able to set up something like that. Maybe a village in your area has one too. Hopefully your party would be when the weather is a bit warmer, since they are outdoor venues.

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answers from Boston on

I love the idea of checking with your local police department to see if they have any programs that help foster a positive relationship between town and law enforcement. I don't know if they have rules about off-duty police appearing in uniform for private functions so you'd have to find out and abide by those, but it's worth asking. Sometimes they'll do programs on bike safety, wearing helmets while skateboarding etc. - around here it's the law, so there's a vested interest on the part of the department. Our local preschools have traveled to the police department (of course, the owner of one is married to a cop, but I don't think that's the only reason!). So dealing with older kids, at least on a "field trip" basis and not necessarily a "party" basis might be feasible. They want to get to these kids before the drugs enter their schools, and of course they are concerned about child predators and so on. This is also the age where they want kids to understand about not pranking with 911 calls and so on. There might well be something in place that you just have to ask about.

Craft stores often have wood plaques in different shapes, so maybe the kids could make their own shield-shaped plaques with wood letters/numbers (to make their own badges? You might get some ideas from a sales assistant. I'll bet you could adapt some traditional party games to police-themed versions. A lot of the cake decorating books show ways to turn cakes into simple vehicles (round cookies such as oreos for tires, for example), so maybe there's something you can concoct for him. You can probably find something in the library or in the stores where they sell bakery items (often those craft stores have a cooking section for themes).

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