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Updated on January 06, 2012
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
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Since we are on a birthday party question thing this afternoon I may as well go ahead and ask mine.

My daughter will be 8 on 4-4 and yes born in 04. She loves her birthday and always gets super excited about it. Now that she is in 2nd grade are slumber parties still a thing parents do or allow? We I spent many of Friday or Saturday nights at slumber parties. We live in a small town where I know everyone in her class (Parents too!).

Do you just do a family party or do you do a party with friends and family? Is a slumber party still to early for 2nd grade?

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answers from Washington DC on

Not too early. Keep the number small, but more than 2. so 1, or 3-5. That way 2 girls can gang up and leave one out.

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answers from Dallas on

I'd say it's a great age. We had a sleepover party for my son when he turned six. My idea was a small party. I assumed two, maybe three parents would give the go ahead. I prepared my son over and over for a nice intimate evening. In the end all nine that were invited came and made it through the whole night. I was a little shocked. We'd definitely do it again, but I'll keep the invite numbers down to five or so. Nine boys was a little more hectic than I was planning on. :)

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answers from San Francisco on

I vote for the slumber party. Most kids love them, and no, IMO it's not too early.

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answers from Washington DC on

Definitely not too early!!

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answers from Dallas on

My second grade son has gone to a couple of sleepovers at his best friend's house. He loved it! His birthday is in March, and he's planning to have a sleepover instead of a big party. My oldest son is 14, and he always chooses to have sleepovers instead of parties. I love it!

We usually order pizza or something and the boys play ping-pong, play X-box Kinect games, or watch a movie. Sometimes we go bowling or to a movie, but usually they prefer staying at the house. We live on a small farm, and sometimes they camp out. It's a fun night for everyone!

Your daughter will have a blast! :)

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answers from Chicago on

We always did the family party separate from the friends party. or had the family come a couple hours earlier and then friends over. Family (grandparents / aunts / uncles etc) don't want to mess with a bunch of kids who are not their grandkids lol. have the family over early like 5 or 6 and the sleepover set for like 8 my daughter loved sleepovers. some parents don't allow them but were willing to bring their daughter's over for fun til midnight and then take them home. worked for all of us.



answers from Kansas City on

we do friends party and a family party. My son had his first slumber party when he turned 6 and everyone he invited came so I think most parents are ok with it:)
have fun!!



answers from Detroit on

AFter age 6, we started doing separate parties for family and friends. My 7 year old has been invited to a few sleepovers but I will ONLY let her attend the ones where we REALLY KNOW THE PARENTS WELL!

Most of the sleepovers have the "party" in the evening and those who are staying over stay, and those who can't/won't leave. That way, all kids can have fun at the party and don't miss it completely by not staying the night :)

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