Birthday Party Location for an Active 3 Year Old with a Valentines Day Birthday!

Updated on January 13, 2009
A.A. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Looking for a fun new place to have my daughters 3rd birthday next month. We've been to kohls childrens museum, go bananas and pump it up recently for other parties. Left a message at "oogles and google" but haven't heard back, anyone use them before?
Thank you soooooo very much for your help in advance!

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We had a gymnastics party at the park district for our daughter's 3rd bday last year, and all of the kids, ages 2-6 had a blast! It's in Carol Stream, but your local park district may offer something similar. This year we're having another party there for her 4th, but it's going to be a beach-themed party (since her bday is always in winter) and the people at the park district decorate and run all of the games for the kids. I've also heard good things about the Painted Penguin pottery-painting parties. Have fun!



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Hi A.,

Check out my website, We list over 60 birthday party places in the Chicagoland area in the Services section. Here's the link to the exact url:

If you become a member of kidwinks, which is free, you can sort these 60+ results in order of distance from your house. is a resource for parents in the Chicago area looking for kid-friendly events, activities, restaurants, shops and services (like birthday party places!). In the restaurants section, you'll find our Dining Deals Calendar, where you can click on a day and get a list of restaurants offering kids' dining deals (like "kids eat free") for that day. Check it out!

Hope this helps,




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A., How about a traditional party at home? She is only 3 so you have a lot of parties ahead of you. Too much work? Not really, buy the cake, etc. They are too young for some games, but they could play dress-up, in fact, you could have a dress up theme and have them come dressed up. They might like to have their nails done, so if you have a couple relatives or other moms stay, they could do that. Then there is a hunt, where you write clues and send them on to the next place until the prize is found, and that could be their goodie bags (Clue #1 is in something that you sit in that is blue. Then you have clue #1 in a blue chair and it contains clue #2). Remember that they will run through the games in no time, so they will then be just as happy to play with the toys they gave your daughter or her old toys. There is musical chairs, whacking the pinjata???



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The Elk Grove Village Park District has "Jumps-n-Jiggles".
They have a Carousel Party

A unique indoor party that includes access to our indoor Carousel and playground Jumps n' Jiggles, which is a maze of tunnels, a spiral slide, the Kiddy Hawk helicopter that rocks, the Yo-Yo Ball that bounces, a Cobra Copter and the flying Gyro Copter. This indoor playground inspires imagination, elevates self-esteem and promotes a feeling of accomplishment for children ages eight and under. These can be booked one year in advance.
(I copied and pasted the above from their website). They also have a pop in playtime so you could check it out prior.
Their web address is:

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