Birthday Party Ideas Please! My Son Is Turning 3. - Plano,TX

Updated on February 22, 2011
R.S. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms,

Sorry I know this question can be repetitive but its something we all have to think about! My son is turning 3 in April and I'm trying to plan something fun for him and some of his friends. He's into firetrucks, tractors, trucks of any kind..typical boy. But he also loves animals and with some encouragement from Daddy is starting to show interest in sports. So I'm pretty open, I mainly just want something more than a playdate with a cake. I'm open to doing it at my house or going somewhere to host it. What have been some of your favorites?

Thanks! I know you mommies will help!

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the park no cleaning of the floors and such. birds will eat it and there are plenty of things to play with take a trash bag paper cups plates etc. invite 8 expect 3 or 4 osme parents cant get kids there due to work etc. get a cake with play vehicles on it trucks , fire trucks, cars etc. but then on the presents I would do a baseball bat and glove or whatever sport he likes. or put animals on the cake. little plastic ones. and get trucks and sports for gifts. why base it on just one thing. or like with mine he likes cars animals and cowboys. his cowboys ride motorcyles and horses so in his case a truck with a horse trailer a horse and a cowboy. you can mix and match. no reason you have to do just one or the other.

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My son is also turning 3 in April! They grow up fast, don't they?! We are planning on having his party at a local park. He loves Toy Story, well mainly Woody (the cowboy as he calls him), so that will be his theme. I have purchased plastic sheriff badges from Target for cheap to pass out to the kids and I also got toy story sticker on ebay. Ive decided this year instead of a cake to make cake pops! My son had some at a friends party and loved them. They are like cake balls people make at Christmas time but on a sucker stick. Im going to make them in star shapes and dip them in yellow molding choc to resemble sheriff badges and I purchased a frosting pen to decorate them with. I purchased styrofoam blocks that I will wrap in Toy story wrapping paper to stick them in and use them as table decorations. They require no plates and we are doing juice boxes so all I will have to purchase is a table cloth and napkins in toy story theme! For a back up plan in case of rain Ive found a local restaurant that isn't very busy and is near the park. Pray for a sunny day!! :) His 2nd bday we had at Celebration Park in Allen and it was a little busy and the seats we're kind of spread out to much but it was fun for the kids. His first we did an indoor bounce house, cake and pizza and everyone really enjoyed it! I always think that whatever theme you go with you will get present in that theme so pick something he really loves! Fire trucks would be cute or even a John Deere party!! You can search online for decorations in your theme at websites like Good Luck

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For my son's third birthday, we had it in the backyard. We have a swingset with a slide, so the kids were pretty entertained by that. I set up a couple of small tables with playdoh and lots of playdoh accessories (cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc) and there were kids playing there throughout the party. I also brought our train table out to the backyard and they all loved playing with that too. It was easy and inexpensive.

K. - great gifts for kids of all ages!


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Nash Farms in Grapevine. They have tractors they let the kids climb all over and animals to pet.



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what about doing a petting zoo? or maybe doing a party at the dallas zoo?


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Hi there,
I offer in home "Make your own stuffed animal" parties (the Build-a-Bear concept with a few changes).

I have great "boy" animals from dinosaurs to jungle animals and puppies. It's a great party for 3 year olds and with my parties, it will keep the kids busy as they actually stuff the animals with their own hands. Very fun and the kids love it. It is also great for a mixture of ages, as well as, both boys and girls.

Please feel free to visit my website for more details including pricing and such (there are pictures and videos and testimonials- just keep scrolling down once on my website page).

Thank you,



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Have it at the firestation! We did one for #4 birthday. We just put down a deposit(which they never cashed) for the community room and scheduled a tour with the firemen. The kids had fun climbing into the trucks, etc. Be sure to take some floor puzzles, blocks, or games to keep them entertained while waiting for the tour or after. It was a very cheap party!!



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We did bowling. They provided the pizza, we brought balloons and a cake, the kids had a blast!

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