Birthday Party Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

Updated on February 28, 2010
C.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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I am looking for ideas that would be inexpensive for a B-Day party at home. We are inviting seven girls and boys from our church. We are going to have cake and ice cream of course, but I need at least one fun activity to do with the little ones. The age range of the children will be 2yrs to 6yrs. Any advice you can give is appreciated.

Thanks, C.

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answers from Springfield on

We went to a birthday party last spring where they gave the kids a smaller clay flower pot. Let them paint it with their own design. Then filled with potting soil and flower seeds. The kids all enjoyed taking home their "present". No need to get bags for coming to the party! They made their own. Parents liked not having the sugar snacks and small items to deal with later.

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answers from San Francisco on

You can find inexpensive frames that the kids can decorate and if you have a camera where you can print pictures immediately you can send pictures in frames of the birthday girl and her guests home with them.
Other things: a treasure hunt or a pinata.



answers from Kansas City on

a princess/prince theme would be so cute at this age and they really get into it as far as dressing up. You could play pin the princess crown on the princess. Blow up a picture of one of the princesses and make a crown for it. Could have them make princess crowns and king crowns for an art project type activity. You can get crowns at hallmark for free or even dress up the Burger king crowns.

the 4-6 year olds might be good with Disney Trivia with the kids questions. That is always fun.

play hide and seek with a princess crown-hide the crown and the one that finds it gets a special prize or if it's a crown either a boy or girl can wear then they get to wear or keep it.



answers from Saginaw on

We bought foam kits from Michaels for my 4 year olds party last year. We had 20 kids there so we had animal kits, bug kits and I boought letters and shapes to put on bookmarks. They were fairly inexpensive, especially when I used the 40% coupons from Sundays paper, the kids loved doing em and we had some left that my girls still play with.



answers from Kansas City on

I love to do musical chairs. I recently saw a more inventive version where shapes drawn on paper were taped to the floor and the kids marched around the circle. When the music stopped the kids stop and you pull out a card with one of the shapes on it and that child wins a prize. (it looked a lot like a mix between candyland and musical chairs). You continue until each child wins.

You could have them decorate their own cupcake.

Best of luck.



answers from Washington DC on

You don't mention when the birthday party is. If its around Easter, either a week before or after, do an easter egg hunt!

Look up some coloring pages on the internet.
Print off a bunch of simple ones, get a bunch of crayons and have a coloring station. This was a big hit at our last party.

Play Simon Says. Red light/green light. Hokey Pokey.




answers from Richmond on

I had my sons 5 bd party at burger king and loved it! We did our own cake right outside the play area and did presents too. Burger King told me we could do the party outside the play area(that way you dont pay anything). That way then the kids could go play after and I didnt pay bkj and still did my own stuff...hope it helps...i loved it cuz it also helped with everyone coming cuz of where everyone lived too!


answers from St. Louis on

Buy something for each child (tshirt, hankerchief, hat, etc) that they can decorate. You can choose what kind of decorations (stamps, markers, paint, etc). Or have them all decorate a shirt for your child and then have them decorate something smaller for themselves (cup, hat, etc).

Pinata, bobbing for apples, face paint, trying to eat a marshmallow from a string without your hands....these are all things I want to do at my daughter's 3rd bday (kids will range in age from 1-13 at her party and figured everyone would like a variety of these games).

What about making sugar cookies and having icing and sprinkles and letting the kids decorate their own cookies then baggin them up and having them take them home?



answers from Wichita on

A friend used this idea at her daughters 2 birthday party. They had a table set up for the kids to make placemats. Each child got to choose a piece of construction paper and then color it with markers and stickers. Then one of the grandmas covered them with contact paper during another part of the party



answers from Seattle on

Seriously, check out this site, They have ideas for anything that your child might be interested in, and often have suggestions for spreading the age group for a particular activity. Highly recommend it!



answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure when your party is, but if it's nice outside I think the park is prefect for a birthday party. My daughter went to one. This year in the spring I plan on doing my daughter's a the park. Also, I have attended a dress-up tea party that was pretty good. They used water in the tea cups. The children also brought some of the dress up stuff. So there were plenty of chioces. My mother-in-law told me at my daughter's last party that they say 1 child per age. So, like a four year-old have only 4 guest to the party. I didn't know that.

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