2 yo Girl's Birthday Party Idea - Birthday Party Ideas for a 2 year old little girl - Johnson City, TN

Updated on September 30, 2007
M.M. asks from Johnson City, TN
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Hello everyone!
My daughter will be turning 2 in November. I am wanting to get a few ideas on what to do for her Birthday Party. It will be just a few friends and family (15-20 people). It will have to be something inside since it will be November. I am not that creative, but I figured some of you moms are!! Thanks for all your suggestions.


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answers from Nashville on

Hi M.,
I know this is kind of late but I remembered someone asking about bday parties. MSN is my home page and they had an article that I ran upon and thought that I would give you the link and share with you. It is about bday parties. You know I came really close to opening a home based business of planning bday parties for children, teens and adults. I may still do that but wanted to give you this link so you could take a look at all the birthday parties.

Hope this helps.
M. T

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answers from Johnson City on

i had a my lil ponies theme for my daughters 2nd b-day and thats what every one got was pony stuff and she loved it



answers from Knoxville on

Hey M.~

My daughter is spoiled by her grandparents. HAHA. She was taken to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday, and had a blast. They do everything. Pizza, dessert and games...and they sing and dance. But I have had friends and they just put a kids table down and give them tea parties with little cakes. Clowns have been known to scare them. Good Luck....but with Chuck E. Cheese, there is no clean up either!!!!!!!!!



answers from Memphis on

Dedicate one room as a childrens play area. Have a tv, table chairs and lots of open floor space. Real food first, then open gifts. Cake and Ice cream last. Incourage all the children to share and play with the gifts. If not enough to share with all the children, spread large sheets of paper on the floor and have a dozen or so little jars of washable finger paints. Children will be containted, mess will be contained, clean up will be easy and grown ups can talk and relaxe in the other room. The Tv is for your daughters favorit movies, and cartoons, taps and dvds.
Good Luck and have fun. The children will.



answers from Augusta on

Depending on your budget why not check out Chuckie Cheese. They usually have coupons on their website for food and tokens. Here is the website www.chuckecheese.com
From what I can tell they usually provide alot of the decorations, cake and gift bags. But I think you can bring in cake and ice cream. Best part about it would be that you will not have to clean your house afterward. I hope this helps.

Good Luck
J. G



answers from Nashville on

I've had the same problem. My little girl is turning 2 in December. It's cold outside and my house won't hold all the guests. I checked out the Adventure Science Center, Gymboree, the Bounce Factory and the YMCA. I booked the YMCA. The fee includes a big party room with a moonwalk, slide, 2 assistants, face fainting, invites and all paper products. You could add swin time for an additional fee. I'll probably wait to do that when she's a little older. I hope that helps!




answers from Chattanooga on

If you have an indoor play area business, those are great for parties. In Chattanooga we have PlayWorld Down Under and it is a indoor facility with party rooms and an indoor playground. They also sell Pizza there. If you have something like that all you have to do is bring the presents & the Cake and let the kids loose.

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