Birthday Party Ideas - Milford,CT

Updated on May 19, 2011
K.M. asks from Shelton, CT
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Hi Mamas,
This year my husband and our daughter will be celebrating birthdays together. He is turning 30 and she will be 4.
Do you have any fun ideas on how to combine the 2?
Any good ideas on how to entertain kids and adults simultaneously? We will have the birthday party outside. I will rent an inflatable bouncer for the kids. I'm looking for games the kids can play or anything that might be fun for kids of all ages.
Please share.

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answers from Dallas on

Pinata, Pin the ____ on th ____ . My neice had a bday party in October and played Pin the Nose on the Witch then Pin the Wart on the Nose hehe, so you can make up anything. Water balloons. slip and slide,

Don't forget the sunscreen!

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answers from Boston on

I think that the kids would enjoy watching the grown ups do silly things that usually do at the tail, three legged race, bob for apples or the donut on a string game....of course kids would have their turn too!

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answers from New York on

You could have a kids' party from say 1 to 4, then have a grown up BBQ from 4 on.

If you can keep the bouncer all day that will entertain any kiddies that stay with the adults after 4.

Happy birthdays!



answers from New York on

Honestly since we don't really have birthdays for adults in my family, I would plan the 4-yr-old's party and just provide beer/wine for the adults, and a cookout with maybe two small cakes. I personally wouldn't make that big a deal of the dad's birthday because I can't imagine when my daughter was 4 that she would have wanted to share the spotlight on her birthday too much.

When my kids were younger and parents still had to stick around at parties I know they REALLY appreciated having adult beverages to help pass the time!


answers from Kalamazoo on

Water ballon toss, sack race, 3 legged race and make the grown ups participate too!



answers from New York on

How about a father/daughter dance. Like a mini prom with punch and finger foods. Then father daughter relays or some other fun games like that.


answers from St. Louis on

Have some daddy/daughter (or parent/child) games like three legged race (ooh that could be dangerous), egg toss, balloon toss, etc. Have beer and adult snacks and then kid drinks/snacks. What do they like to do? Incorporate that into the party! You could do a scavenger hunt for both, too. You could also have games (washers, beanie bag toss, etc) for the adults and then other games for the kids.



answers from New York on

I like the suggestions from the other posters. Especially the donut on a string game. Always a lot of laughs. You could also do a variation of an egg race, using ping pong balls to balance on the spoon instead of the eggs. Before the race, you could have the kids paint or draw (with markers) faces on the balls to make it more fun. Do a baseball toss, or frisbee toss, either to a partner, or at a target. Have fun at your party!


answers from Austin on

Simon says.. also let some children be Simon a few times.

Red light, green light.


Hula hoop contest, who can Hula Hoop the longest.


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