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Updated on August 24, 2010
T.N. asks from Houston, TX
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I am looking to have a birthday party for my soon to be 2 year old and 7 year old later this month. I am working with a strict budget,I prefer not to have a party at home, Where do you suggest. If I do go with home, What type of activities do you suggest?

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answers from Victoria on

When we were kids we use to have partys at McDonnalds! The park is always free. If it is on the weekend you might have to get someone to "camp out" and reserve a spot for you.



answers from College Station on

Pool parties at the city pool are usually pretty reasonable (If they are still open at the time of the party). Our city pools charge for table rental (covered) and then you pay for the swimmers. You can bring whatever else you want and can have a really nice party for under $100. You get the table for 2 hours (if someone has rented it after your time) but you can stay and swim as long as you like afterwords. I do not know what Houston pools offer.



answers from Indianapolis on

If it's hot, you might not be able to do the park.............if that is the case, do you know anyone who lives in an apartment where you might be able to use the club house and the pool? Just a thought......

If you do it at the house, then I would suggest fun games, like kickball, if there is room, water guns are a hit always in the summer.......maybe some outdoor yard games that don't have sharp hurtful things on might be able to do a scavenger hunt with things from the dollar store....etc.....

I'm sure you will come up with some good idea.....go to a party city and just look around, that will give you some ideas............

Good luck.



answers from Odessa on

I would think about setting up the sprinklers and wading pools and get some water toys, let them play in the yard.

If you have a sand box, bury some things in the sand and let them dig for buried treasure, the Dollar Tree has amazing stuff for little ones that age.

Let each child ice and decorate with sprinkles, etc., their own cookie or cupcake, if you bake the cupcakes in the flat bottom ice cream cones it will be really easy for them to hold on to.

Keep it simple and have fun.


answers from Milwaukee on

I like holding kids birthday's at a park, I usually do not rent the shelter because I come see what tables are free and use them. I do not need the eletrical or other things they have to offer. Plus they kids can play on the playground while the adults watch and chat.

My daughter is turning 4 and besides playing on the playground I am doing a pinata and bean bag toss. The party is only from Noon - 2pm (lunch included) so really do no need much to do between eating lunch, cake, playing on playground & pinata. This is also a no gift party because my daughter does not need anything else, she just wants some friends to spend a couple of hours with her.



answers from Austin on

Check out You can get all kinds of ideas from other people on themes, decorations, age-appropriate activities, cost-saving suggestions, and where their parties were held.



answers from Honolulu on

The easiest way to control your budget and expenditures, is to limit the amount of people invited.

Next, you can have the party at a park. That is free.

Next, have the 'party' at a non-meal time... and just serve cake and ice-cream. That way you don't have to spend money on food to feed everyone.

next, many Moms I know, don't have 'party' parties... they just invite maybe 2-3 friends for each of their children, and take them somewhere like a movie... .or to a Chuck E Cheese type place.

good luck,



answers from Austin on

I am excited to tell you about my company Noah's Ark Animal Workshop! It is a convenient, unique and affordable party that comes to you with prices as low as only $10 per child! This is a traveling "Stuff -N- Fluff" Animal Workshop where children of all ages and children at heart will actually make their own stuffed animal very similar to build a bear without the hassel of leaving home and paying overinflated mall prices! In addition to "just for fun home workshops" parties, I conduct glamour girl Bella Bee Workshops as well where we encourage young ladies to be beautiful on the inside as well as the out. These kits are only $10 per child too. I also can ship you the stuffed animal of your choice and you can conduct the party as you would like. The kits comes with the animal, stuffing, wishing star, birth certificate, take home bags, sticker or arts-n-craft activity and party supplies. My "party in a box" is so affordable and easy to put together even a child can do it! :) Please feel free to visit my website at or give me a call at ###-###-#### to discuss your many options, you'll be glad you did!

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