Birthday Party Idea for a 9 Year Old Girl

Updated on May 21, 2010
A.J. asks from Marietta, GA
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We are new to the area and I am looking for party ideas for a 9 year old. With the recent move, the house isn't ready for me to have the party. I had originally planned a princess tea party and have the girls over for "tea" but I can't do that now. So, I was looking for places that I can have a party. It would be great to do the tea party but if we can't, another party idea will be fine.

Also, do any of you have any experience with a local bowling alley or skating rink? She does like skating. We live in Cobb County. Thanks so much.

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So What Happened?

I was able to book one of the parks. It was free of charge and that was a plus for me. So, we are having her princess party in the park. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

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answers from Atlanta on

I don't know if she likes the American Girl dolls at all, but there is an American Girl store at Northpoint mall in Alpharetta. Here is a link: I know my younger cousins LOVE this place, and a few of them have had parties there. Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Do you live near a nice park? I did park birthday parties......the kids could go play whatever they wanted, I had boys, so ball was important......but you could do all kinds of things......

Also, how about a swim party.......make sure it is at a pool with a life could also go to the park and do a treasure princess hunt......go out and hide things before the girls get there.......or play princess bingo and give out cute little could do the tea party as well at the park.....if you get a shelter......And fix hot dogs and hamburgers for food....with chips......

I hope this helps.....and ask her, she might have some other ideas as well.
Good luck and have fun.

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answers from Atlanta on

We live in Smyrna, so I'm familiar with central Cobb. There is a Sparkles skating rink just off S. Cobb dr. that has very reasonable rates for parties. A friend of mine had one for her 6 yr old daughter there - she split a particular party package with a friend - and said everyone had a great time.

If you still want to try and do a princess tea party, I think there is a children's boutique in Vinings that has a party area at the back of the store. It's on Paces Ferry in the same shopping center as Uncle Wong's Chinese restaurant, right next to Meehan's Irish Pub. I'm sure there are a few of these places scattered around town.

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answers from New York on

Dear A.,
How about a movie party?, see if there are any movies for her age and take her and her friends, after the movie you can do pizza :)
My daughter likes Build A Bear, I took some friends last year on her 8th birthday and I had a budget so I told them from which stuffed animals they could choose from. I've done the bowling and they liked it. As a matter of fact she was telling me that for her 9th bd she wants the bowling party. And we've been to the skating ones. I also did one at an Ice Cream store where they play games and made their own ice cream sundae.
I hope you have a great time in what you decide to do! Enjoy!

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answers from Atlanta on

Check out Miss La La's at the intersection of Due West Rd and Kennesaw Due West. She can do any kind of theme party there. I had my younger child's party there, but I know she just did a 9 year old party with a grammy awards theme where kids walked in on a red carpet and did all kinds of crafts and activities around that theme.

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answers from Miami on

I don't live in your area but I have two teen daughters and I have been through the birthday blow-outs year after year. We are known for our great kid-friendly birthday parties. We have done Rock-n-Roll Bowling parties, Mini-Golf parties, Spa-day Princess Parties at the local nail salon (just ask first and reserve time), Boomer's, Young at Art (they get to make ceramic crafts and then take them home), Bounce Houses and Water Slide parties. You name it....we have done it! The ones I mentioned above were the big hits for that age group. We also had a party at our home one time and although it was June, we made it a "Masquerade Magic" party where all the girls got 2 boxes containing tns of "dress-up" clothes and costumes and they had to get into 2 teams and do a "fashion show". All the family members and adults were the judges and we were on the floor dying of laughter! The photos were BEYOND funny. That was the best party ever and the kids still talk about it to this day. I hope this helps somewhat. Have fun and be creative!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have 3 kids, so we have had our share of parties, between the ones we have had ourselves and the ones we have attended. We have done:

- Movie party
- Skating party (both roller and ice)
- Party at a gym, like Little Gym
- Karate party
- Oogles and Googles (a chain)
- Bowling party (cheapest and one of the most fun)
- Indoor miniature golf party
- Party at a cooking place, like Super Suppers
- Justice clothing store (I don't think they do these anymore)
- Build a Bear

I am not familiar with Cobb County, so I can't help you with anything local, but these have all been fun parties.

On recomendation on a skating party ... make sure all new skaters use helmuts! I didn't think to have parents send them, and one little girl at our party fell and hit her head against the boards. She was ok, but it was scary.



answers from Atlanta on

Tea Leaves & Thyme in downtown Woodstock if you still want to have a tea party. I have also has good success with Hot Wheels skating rink on Hwy 5. Good Luck!

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