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Updated on June 14, 2011
N.M. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello Mommies...I'm in a pickle my son's 2nd birthday is in exactly one month and I need an idea of what to do, my son loves the water and he loves animals but the zoo wants to charge way to much and the apartment that I live in doesn't allow pool parties and a park would be to hot. We want to invite about 25 ppl close family and friends but I have no idea what to do last year we had his 1st birthday at the coppell recreation pool but it rained so we had to shut it down. I want to do something where the attention will be on him as well because it is his special day, all the typical places are out like chuck e cheese and gatti town his father says no way he doesn't like those places so I dont know where to go or what to do please help! Thanks in advance Mommies

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Do you have any spraygrounds close to you? They are the water sprinkler type play area at a park. We have also had birthday parties at McDonalds, the fire station, bounce house places, and at the park. You could have the party early in the morning to help with the heat, have small baby pools for the kids to put their hands in or fill water guns from, have water balloons, or sponge relay races.

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How about having it at the Carrollton, Plano or Allen Natatorium? You would probably be okay with a 10am park party since the heat doesn't ramp up until noonish. Renting a room at your local YMCA or Recreation center can be relatively inexpensive and might be a great place to have a S. party :) or another creative outlet such as making Ice Cream Sundaes... Playdo sculptures, etc.. Would your sons dad be against a Planet Pizza party? I hope these help!

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The Allen Natatorium does parties and they have a room of tables. They have an INDOOR water play area for the kids.


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There are Natatoriums around town with indoor pools. The YMCA has an indoor pool. For animals - What about Nash Farm in Grapevine? Theres an indoor play place in Grand Prairie called Abbys Playtown. THere may be an indoor play room closer to you.
You know, at 2, its really ok to just buy a cake and have everybody meet you at McDonalds. theres no law that you have to buy the party package. Most places are just happy that you are bringin your business there,



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There is a Groupon going on for Elmer Swim School for a pool party. It is for $99 for up to 30 guest. It expires in December. It has only 15 hour left to buy. Very good deal! Give me your email address and I can send you a link to check it out!


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How about a backyard/park party with water parlor games.

-Water Balloon Toss/Fight

-Drip Drip Splash ( Just like duck duck goose but with a soaked sponge- the big ones you can find a home depot)

-Family Fun summer issue has a kid wash. It is made out of pvc pipes puzzled together to create a walk through structure. The top horizontals are drilled with holes and the open pipe is attached to a water hose.

-Fill the bucket relay. Divide your players into groups- ideally of 5 or 6. They need to line front to back. Place a bucket full of water in front of the line and an empty bucket on the back of the line. Place a soaker sponge ( The same one you find a h. depot) in the front bucket. First person in line soaks up as much water as he/she can and passes in over head to the person behind down the line. Last person squeezes the water out into the empty bucket and moves to the front of the line to repeat the process. First bucket to get filled wins.



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My daughters birthday is in late June, and each year for her birthday we try to have some water activities to help everyone cool off.
One year we had a small wading pool and squirtguns (that was at grams house), and one year we had a pirate themed party at the park, and gave everyone squirt guns to run around a play with.

I don't know about Dallas specifically, but around her (in CA) and up in Grapevine (where my mom lives) there's parks with water features. The one in Grapevine has a wet area that the water just squirts up out of the ground, and the kids and run and play and get wet...
If you're going to do a water party, tell the invitee's so that they can bring something to get wet in and a towel to dry off with! Have fun!



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Hi, N.! Have you ever heard of Surf N Swim in Garland, Texas??? It is part of Audobon Park, go to It is right off 635, at 440 W. Oates Rd, zip 75043. It is easy to get to, and offers a birthday party package that is VERY reasonable compared to other places. It has the coolest wave pool for the somewhat older people who might be in your party. But it has the neatest water area for small children, and they have pool toys, and food if you want to eat there. They welcome outside food and drinks, and I think you can even cook out there if you want. It has been there forever, but not too many people are aware of it. You will find that you adults will LOVE the giant wave pool! When the whistle blows, everyone screams and runs to jump in to catch the waves, which are BIG and WILD if you get in at the RIGHT or (wrong!) spot! It is not very big, you can eyeball everyone all around the area from one spot. Buy their party pak and you get a reserved covered spot for up to 20 guests at $25 for 2 hrs. You provide everything else. All you need are some balloons, a cake, hot dogs to grill, chips and drinks. Time for everyone in the water ranges from $5-$6, but daily after 4pm its $2 off. For age two this will be plenty of fun for the guest of honor, and everyone else, too. Have the other moms bring or wear swim clothes, and everyone just have a blast! They are opened on Monday-Sunday. Bless you, and good luck!!



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Museum of Science and Nature - Animal theme w/ storytime, craft... best for up to 50 ppl or see & do where pretend to be fireman, pretend farm etc.

Kirby Creek Indoor Pool Grand Prairie Park n Rec

Check City of Arlington for indoor pools also

Let us know how it goes!!



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What about a bounce house place? The Let's Jump here in Keller has a room specifically for toddlers. The bounce houses are smaller and have themes like Thomas and Sesame Street and more. Aquakids allows swim parties in the evenings. It's an indoor pool, so weather won't ruin the party. Or you could have a traditional a room at the Y or a rec center so you have the room you need for everyone. Indoor Safari Park is great for toddlers. They get to ride a "robot" animal and it includes a train ride. The one I have been to is in Southlake, but maybe there is a location closer to you? ASI gymnastics here in Keller is a fun party spot and they make extra effort to let the light shine on the birthday kid. And they do have toddler versions of their party, we have been to a few. I have never been, but The LIttle Gym may be another location to consider. It's too hot here already for a park party, but what about the local splash parks? Most of those are free and designed with wee ones in mind. Here's a link that supposedly tells you where all the splash pads in Texas are located. HTH!

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