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Updated on February 05, 2008
J.R. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi all,

My son will be three in March and he wants a Diego party, I was thinking about trying to save money and have it at my house. What I need are some good ideas for games that the kids can play. The oldest child will probably be around 6. I would love for them to be interactive games. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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answers from San Antonio on

Dear J.,
You can try ordering Diego party favors from Orential Trading company. They have all kinds of birthday party favors. If shipping is to much then Party City always has great stuff and sometime at 1/2 price.

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answers from Austin on

Get different color balloons and play what is the color of this balloon, give a sticker to each child as he/she stands and says the correct color.

Get chalk and let them chalk on your driveway! teach them hop scotch.

Get some poster board, let each child render art.

Get bubbles and blow them.

How fun!



answers from Dallas on

It is so hard when you are having parties and the kids are all different ages. I would try musical chairs and have a prize for the winners. If you can find like a poster of Swiper you can blind fold them and play pin the tail on swiper. Bingo is always fun and you can probably find picture bingo on the internet or make one yourself. I used jelly beans or skittles at the kids parties instead of paper chips.. Hope this helps..



answers from San Antonio on

Get a Diego pinata. They have them at several super markets and then just do a couple of rounds of musical chairs. Serve mexican food and make it a theme party...nachos, rice, beans, chips and salsa. Good luck



answers from Houston on

I think the Nick Jr. website has some game and party suggestions already for Diego. You should take a look.



answers from Dallas on

Party City has great Diego decorations for not too much money, as well as party favors etc.



answers from Dallas on

This may sound corny, but my son's all time favorite party he has gone to (he was 4) had all the traditional party games. Here's how the party went. When the kids arrived she had a table set up with figurines for the kids to paint. When they were done, they came inside and played musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and Hullabaloo. They then had cake, presents and then a bit of free play while the mom put their (then dry) figurines into their goody bags.

Remember, it all may seem "old" to us, but these games are new to them. My son talked about this party for months, and still brings it up a year later!!



answers from Dallas on

Have you thougt about maybe getting a bounce house? You can rent them by the hour with w minimum of 2 hours (I think). The company usually comes at sets it up for you.

Just a thought.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Scavenger hunts are always great and with kids that age, you can use pictures like they do on Dora & Diego. Kids LOVE scavenger hunts too.



answers from San Antonio on

Hey there, I am also trying to schedule my sons bitrthday party. Just some ideas for you to try is Pump it up, or also the Botanical garden is having Dora and Diego for a certain time, since your son likes Diego this might be a nice idea for him and some of his friends. The cost I believe is 3 dollars for children 3 and up, adults is 6 dollars. Good luck, and remember to enjoy.
I hope this helps.

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