Birthday Party for My Turning 1 Yr Old and Turning 10 Yr Old Sons.

Updated on January 19, 2013
R.D. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Both my boys are celebrating birthdays in April. The baby is turning one on the 6th and my older one is turning 10 on the 10th. How in the world will I be able to celebrate them both??? Should I give them seperate parties or what? The baby likes Elmo. I think my older one wouldn't mind a sleepover? Both are milestones and I want them to be very memorable. Oh did I mention that they have different fathers which means 2 different crowds.??? OMG how??? The weather can also be very tricky cold, warm rainy should it be indoors, outdoors???

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Thankyou all so much for the ideas... I greatly apprrciate it and takr them into consideration when im actually planning the party.

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answers from Chicago on

The 1-year old can have a small family party with Elmo.

The older child doesn't need a big family party--why not let him have a sleepover of friends? Then his father can take him out to dinner or something.

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answers from San Antonio on

I say you give them two different parties. If you have two different crowds, three different families (yours, and both of the fathers'), and two completely different sets of friends (if the 1 year old goes to daycare or something and is even having "friends" over. It would be too crazy to keep it all going without awkward moments and so on.

Have two separate parties. The one year old won't remember his, so you can keep a low key affair. For the 10 year old, have a big party with his friends and select a few to sleep over.


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answers from San Francisco on

Make a big deal out of your 10 year old's birthday. One year old parties are for the parents....your baby will not remember a thing except for the pictures you show him. Your 10 year old is having a landmark birthday, ask what he would like to do.

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answers from Washington DC on

Honestly -- your older son will resent the idea of any shared parties with his brother, especially because their ages are so very different.

I would give the 10-year-old a party (sleepover is fine, just have lots of activities so the kids aren't simply running around).

And frankly I would not bother with a party for a one-year-old, who has no idea it's his birthday or what that even means. That's me, though; if it means a lot to you to mark the occasion for yourself and others, then do something very simple and small like a hour for cake and a few presents. There's no way to really do a "party" with games or activities for a child that young; the party is really for the adults. Keep it short and be sure it doesn't tire out and overstimulate the little one.

You have years ahead of you when the boys will both be aware of each others' parties and have jealousies etc. over that; while the younger one is so very young I'd take advantage of that and not worry too much about a big party for him while he doesn't care yet! Let your older boy be the focus and the center of attention for this birthday, since he already has a cute baby brother who no doubt gets plenty of attention!

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answers from Washington DC on

I would give them 2 seperate parties. Birthdays are really important to children so if you can swing it, I would give them each their own special day. Also with a 9 year age difference, so I would think their interests are totally different. For the 1 year old, I would just do a small pizza & cake thing for immediate family. For the 10 year old a sleepover party on a different weekend sounds perfect! Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

DEF separate parties with that big of an age difference... plan two parties, one a week before the bdays, one a week after - that'll give you some time/space in the planning...

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answers from Columbia on

I am advocate of separate parties for ANY age difference.

Because even if they are identical twins..... they are each individuals, and probably have SOME different friends and interests.

Your birthday is about celebrating YOU.... to have to share that, then it becomes not about YOU but about you and some other person.

This should not be a big deal. just pick the weekend closest to each kid's birthday and plan the party that kid wants.

If it were me.... your 10 year old can plan his own party.... who to invite, what he wants to do etc..... just have him make you a list.

The 1 year old... well that's a family party anyway. So do that more as a cake-and-punch open house on x date from 2-4. That way people can just come over (to your house or at a restaurant) between those times to see your son.

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answers from Albuquerque on

No ten year old wants a party with his baby brother. And no one year old cares about a birthday party or will remember one. If I were in your shoes, I'd plan a birthday party for the ten year old and his friends (he probably doesn't want all his adult relatives there when he's hanging out with friends, right?), and then have family over on a different date for cake for your one year old.



answers from New York on

You have two parties. Am I missing something? Not understanding the problem. There is not a 10 year old in the world that would want a party with their one year old brother. Plan on outdoors and if weather is an issue, move it inside. Have fun.



answers from Phoenix on

I would say try to do seperate parties at the age of 10 he might regret you making him have a party with a baby. Specially if you are inviting his friends & not just family. I would either consider doing one the weekend before & one the weekend after. Or if because of the way maybe pay periods fall do one Friday night & one Saturday night in the same weekend..


answers from Grand Forks on

You need to have two parties! My boys birthdays are eight days apart. I usually have one party one weekend and the other party the following weekend. I have done a party on Saturday and a party on Sunday, and got them both out of the way in one weekend, but it was a little stressful. I have also done a combined party, but I don't think yours are close enough in age to do a combined party. I think my ten year old would absolutely die if his friends came to his party and there was an Elmo theme, even if it was for a baby brother. Also, for the ten year old it would be a friend party, but a one year old is a family party.



answers from Los Angeles on

Two different, separate parties.

They are not twins and there is an age disparity.

If your older one wants a sleepover, that would be fun. Turning 10 is fun
and should be memorable.

You can have a few family over for the baby's one year party. Make it simple (it's more for the parents).

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