Birthday Party for a 2-YEAR OLD Girl

Updated on May 29, 2008
L.K. asks from Lubbock, TX
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My grandaughter will be 2 on May 31st. She has asked for a "kitty" party, not to be confused with "Hello, Kitty". My daughter is creative and has a few things plannned. Can anyone suggest games, favors, and foods for this theme?

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What about face painting? Paint little noses and whiskers. You could make little kitty ears with headbands. You may need to do puppy ears with string for the boys. You could get a big bucket of water and do bobbing for "fish"! A scavenger hunt to find the paws with clues on them. At the end could be a "kitty treat" for everyone. An individual bag of goldfish could work as the treat. Or even a who can find the most paws. Musical chairs only they would sit on a Kitty Pillow or something kitty related instead of a chair. Hope those help!

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Here are some great games, just for 2 and 3 year olds!:

One of my children had a cat party for their 3rd birthday and it was so cute!

Here are some cat cake ideas:

The one we used:

More party favor ideas...
Cat stickers
Cat themed items from

Good luck and have fun!!

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L. -I do Noah's Ark Animal Workshop and we have ADORABLE Kitty animals and purse. I would also match favors to the party.

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I have no ideas but i wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My daughter will be 2 on the same day!!!

We are having a Gymboree Party for her.

i do like the ideas the others wrote about Build a Kitty and face painting.

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