Birthday Party for 7 Year Old Boy - Erie,PA

Updated on July 07, 2010
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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We will be hosting my son's party in our backyard. He very much wants to invite some boys from his kindergarten class that i do not know well. I did volunteer in his classroom and have at least met the kids, but they strike me as being very, ahhhh "Active". My son is not and the few other friend we are inviting from church and his preschool class that we still hang out with are very laid back, they are boys but they listen and wouldn't try to scale our rose trellis or climb on top of our swingset/fort playset. so i'm wondering if i should allow him to invite these other kids, bringing the guest list total to 10 and just plan lots and lots and lots of structured games or should i tell him no and risk him being disappoionted for his birthday????? does anyone have any experience were there wished that hadn't invited someone??? and what games would be good for 10 7 year old boys???

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answers from Jacksonville on

When my nephew turned 7 he had a camping party with about 10 kids. They didn't actually sleep outside, it was just the theme of the party. My sister had activities planned for the duration of the party so there wasn't much down time for kids to get into trouble. When the kids arrived, they picked up a scavenger hunt sheet and an empty goody bag. They had to use the clues to find their own goody bag items-- play compass, plastic canteen, candy etc. Then the kids did an obstacle course. (Post an adult at each station.) BIL had a canoe. Kids would run to the canoe climb in and then toss a blow up ring around a target. Then they had to use a sling shot and a peanut (in shell) to hit a paper target that was hung up. Next, they had to pack camping type items into a backpack and zip it up. Lastly, they had to fill a canteen with water and then run and pour it in a bucket. The kids were divided into two teams. They ran the course officially twice and luckily each team won once. But after that, the kids kept running it over and over and over. They loved this part of the party. After the obstacle course, they roasted hotdogs. (They had lots of adult supervision.) After eating dinner, serving cake and ice cream, and then opening presents it was starting to get dark. My BIL had put a white sheet on the fence and set up a movie projector using his computer. The kids wound down and watched the movie before going home. My sister heard the kids say more than once that it was the best party they had ever been to! I can't wait to do this party for my son in a few years! I know you didn't ask for a theme, but I just wanted to share. This party had aspects that appealed to all the kids, whether laid back or active. I think my sister's planning was what made the party go so smoothly. Happy Birthday! Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I would say invite them, if you will have games outside and plenty of supervision then I think everything will be just fine. But before you just run off and invite them make sure your son really wants them there and not just there for the presents. Not saying he is greedy but I have two boys and I told my son he can only invite 7 friends to his party or he would invite his whole class of 18.



answers from Chicago on

I think 90 minutes is plenty of time and have the pizza or cake ready to go quickly. Start with something like a sack race or another game that is organized, but active, so they can burn off some steam. As soon as things look like they are getting too crazy- food time! Get your son opening presents WHILE cake is being eaten- that way his 'audience' has something to do while he is opening.

Also, get yourself adult reinforcements, including a couple of dads if possible. IMO, some boys will be less crazy if a dad says " hey, don't climb on that!" lol. We are friends with a great couple who have stayed as additional 'chaperoned' to all of my son's parties and just help get the cake served out and keeping things in line. We grownups also get to visit while the kids are playing, which is fun.

But most importantly, remember that it is in the YARD! As an avid gardener, I know that there is very little in the yard that can't get fixed somehow if a bunch of boys rampage through it! That's why the party is outside and not in the house, after all. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself too!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Two hours is good, including a meal, cake, ice cream, present opening. My son just had a party recently (he's 7) and they would have done the limbo for 2 hours! Also bean bag/toss across is a good game....or kickball in the yard. Orrrrrrrr......water balloon fights! (or at least water balloon toss!)

p.s. I think 10 is a perfect amount of boys.



answers from Toledo on

I agree with the others--invite them, but set the rules when they come in. A slip'n'slide is great to burn energy, also, squirt gun battles, water ballon tosses, obstacle course races, potato races (potato on a large spoon), pitch-off (2 holes in a piece of plywood, 2 teams throw balls at the holes), hot dog eating contest, anything that keeps them busy, and the messier it is, the more they'll like it!



answers from Chicago on

I would invite them, but have a very short party! 90 minutes seems long enough. Thirty minutes of arrival/free play (put out a lot of boy toys and hide the valuables and block off places you don't want them to go to.) Thirty minutes of structured games, then cake and go home. If you open gifts when company is there, I have done it before the cake (not very traditional) so that when cake comes out a lot of parents are there to pick up and while kids are eating cake I quickly wrap "to go" pieces and offer them to parents by saying "Would you like a piece to take home?" and have it already wrapped so they can't sit and make themselves comfy while their son destroys my home/yard.

Another hint: as kids come in, let them know where they can and can't play. ("join the kids in the basement, but no one is allowed in the dining room." or "play in the yard, but no one is allowed near the plants. I blocked it off with the gate, so please don't move it.")

I know it seems harsh, but the kids don't mind at all.

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