Birthday Party During Nap Time OK?

Updated on November 01, 2019
W.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My daughter is turning 4 soon and the only party time available at the venue she likes is the 1-3pm slot. I know that some kids still nap at this age (although my daughter seems to have dropped them). Am I setting us up for a poor turnout if I book this time slot? If you have a kid around this age, would you be annoyed and/or not come to the party because of the time? Thanks!

[ETA: Also, how much notice should I give for a party that's happening 2-3 weeks before Christmas??]

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So What Happened?

She's grown up going to her older brother's big birthday parties, so she's been asking for a big one of her own since she could talk lol. This will be her first "big" party so hopefully it will all work out well. Thanks for the opinions!

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answers from Portland on

My kids went to some at age 4 and they went in afternoon. It was fine.

I would 3 weeks in December as there are concerts etc. on weekends to consider.

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answers from Washington DC on

heck - we napped until they were double digits!! LOL!! No kidding!! There are times we STILL nap!! YAHOO!!

Personally, she's 4? I wouldn't spend a lot of money nor make huge plans. Keep it simple. Why does her party have to be a "venue"?? Why can't you just get a few friends over for a simple party?

If you know the other parents well, ask them when their child naps, if they do or not. It doesn't have to be on THAT day, does it? If you insist on having a party at a "venue"?? Then you run the risk of no-shows. Heck - you run that risk with ANY party.

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answers from Atlanta on

Personally? At the age of 4 we had 4 friends over and cake and ice cream. We didn't do venues.

We didn't start doing things like Chuck E. Cheese until they were 7 or 8, because then parents didn't have to stay and we didn't have to watch them as closely.

As to December? I would give as much notice as possible and keep in touch with the parents. If they are friends of yours?? Talk with them about your timeframe and see if that works for them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Personally I think having a venue party for a 4 year old is a bit much.

Invite a few close friends over and play some games, have some cake and ice cream and take lots of pictures.

I personally think it's insane the level people go now for birthday parties. Use the KISS method. Keep It Simple Silly.

Also a party at that time when they were that young? No. I couldn't stand them because I knew I would have to stay and monitor my child in a large group of people with parents I might not know too well. And watch the kids get tired and start having melt downs? No. Thank you.

Happy early birthday to your daughter. Hope her party is what you want it to be,.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Every kid naps at different times and for different lengths of time.
When my kid was invited to something during her usual nap time, I adjusted nap time soo that she could go and not be cranky.

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answers from Norfolk on

On party day if naps are needed they can nap before or after your party.
People can work around your schedule and I've never heard of anyone saying
"Sally can't come to your party because it's during her nap time".

Our son napped till he was 7 yrs old - he was growing rapidly and really needed the sleep.
He just turned 21 and he'll still take a nap sometimes.

There is nothing wrong with a venue.
We loved Chuck E Cheese and for various friends birthdays over the years we've been to movie parties, bowling parties, taekwondo parties, park playground parties, laser tag parties, skating parties (ice and roller), pool parties, ceramic painting parties, stuff a bear parties, pinata parties, etc.

Two weeks notice should be fine.

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answers from San Francisco on

The time wouldn't be an issue (sadly my kids barely napped past age two) but at that age I hated "venue" parties because then I usually had to stay the whole time too. Screaming kids, sticky floors/walls and crappy pizza? no thanks. Our weekend time was precious and we were picky about how we spent it. So unless you were a REALLY good friend I would probably rsvp no.

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answers from Washington DC on

if you let go of your goal of having a high turnout, this problem goes away, doesn't it? how many 3-4 year olds do you need for this to be some iteration of success?

i think you should book the party for whatever time works for you (and your daughter obviously) and go with it. if just a few other kids show up, i'm betting your daughter will have just as much fun as if there were 20.

there's not one standard nap time. trying to accommodate an issue that differs wildly from kid to kid and family to family is an exercise in frustration.


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answers from Santa Fe on

My kids both dropped naps before they turned 3! We and other friends all had birthday parties in this time slot. Some kids did not come due to napping but most kids did. I say do what works for you.

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answers from Tampa on

I usually did either before nap time or after. Average nap is probably from 12-4.
But boys went to “school” so we did not do it at home, way too many people!
but reserved something like JerZjump or rented a hall with kids being entertained by a clown or petting animals etc. for that you want a large turn out.

If it’s close to December I say 3 weeks. And I would set up a group text or something to keep in touch with parents-some forget. A week before send out text with a venue picture or something to remind. It gets crazy close to the holidays.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I say do it.
If some people don't show because it's their child's nap time then I get it.
Since it's near Christmas, I would give 3 weeks notice to be sure they for it AND then I would send a reminder notice 1 week before so they don't forget. Have fun.

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answers from New York on

I guess I'm in the minority. I thought nap time was always a crappy time to have a party for pretty much anyone younger than 6. Even if they weren't still nappers, often this a "quiet time" for a lot of younger kids to rest and recharge. If you want a bunch of crabs at the party (including your own - just because she doesn't nap EVERY day doesn't mean she won't need a nap THAT day), sure, go for it.

Also, as a parent, I really hated dragging my kids to middle of the day parties that totally blew my entire day - especially just before the holidays. Not enough time on either side to get anything done PLUS, no way I can leave my 4 yr old at the party and run errands, and I knew that a 1 - 3 party would make my kid an absolute mess by 4 p.m. so forget anything happening in the evening (4 yr old + no nap + overstimulation + cake and treats = nuclear meltdown at approximately 4:28 p.m.).

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