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Updated on September 22, 2010
J.G. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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My daughters third birthday is comming up (the week of halloween) and she is having a princess party. I am planning on decorating small pumpkins (stickers and markers) just beacause of the the season and probably a pinata (assuming the weather permits), but am at a loss for what else to do for the kids- age ranges from 2-10 both boys and girls (pretty much all family members) Most of the activites I can think of are the traditional halloween stuff- bobbing for apples and such. I would like to have some things that will take minimal adult supervision so as to allow the grown-ups to socialize.

When I say princess party I mean it- she already has her dress and tiara, but I don't want to make it too girly since there will be 4-5 little boys. I am trying to avoid the halloween activities, and to do this on a budget (we are also in the middle of remodeling, moving her into a big girl room to free up the nursery)

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answers from Dallas on

Here are a couple of ideas that come to mind:
1. They could decorate a jewelry box (girls) or a treasure chest (boys). You could look online at oriental trading company for something of the sort or you could check a local craft store. They could either paint them or decorate with the foam stickers depending on the age. I know that this would require adult supervision, but not only is it an activity, it is also their "goodie" to take home.
2. You could have cut out sugar cookies, and the children can ice and decorate them. Then, they can either enjoy them at the party or they can take them home.
3. Play some kid-friendly music and let them dance and have fun.
4. Depending on the weather, do you have the space where they could just play outside?

I hope that these help! Good luck and have fun planning! :)

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answers from Buffalo on

Bean bag toss, Ring Toss, tag, hide and seek, pin the tail on the (what ever character you want even can be pin the tiera on the princess. or frog on the princess for the boys ) If you have a big area for the party and pleanty of toys most of the kids will just be happy with the pinata and playing with all the toys. I love the pinata's that are pull string vs breakable ones, no bats/sticks so you do not need a ton of space and if indoor is required there is no injuries.

Good luck and have fun.

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answers from Fort Collins on

My daughter has a Halloween time bday too and we usually have mixed ages as well. Our main activity was trick or treating. It was really fun and all the kids loved it. You could supply the goodies yourself or if you have a big family like me, you can ask each family to bring a bag of goodies (candy, small toys, etc...) and then station an adult behind each door in the house . If you do not ha e enough bedrooms you could even use closet doors to knock on.

Good Luck



answers from Denver on

My son just went to a joint brother/sister party a couple weeks ago, and they had separate "stations" set up - a place to play with legos for the boys, and a table set up with all the stuff to make bead jewelry for the girls. Neither of those ideas would work for the littlest ones, since they have small parts, but maybe setting up something like that would keep the older kids entertained with minimal adult supervision and then you could just have some baby/toddler toys out for the little ones to play with.

Craft stores have those kits to make foam things that you can decorate easily and cheaply - hats, princess crowns, picture frames, even little houses and scenes. My son has loved making crafts with the foam stickers since he was about 3, and you could probably get both halloween themed and princess themed stuff. Something like that could appeal to all the kids, and would give them a fun craft to make and take home.



answers from Denver on

You SAY a princess party, but it SOUNDS like a halloween party to me. I am not sure what a pricess party is, but I envision pink and tiaras.

We have a set of climbers like at the Children's Museum (the vinyl covered foam blocks) and set that up in the living room when our halloween party got sort of rained out or it was too cold last year. Kids of all ages crawled all over them while the adults stood around the perimeter talking. The kids were laughing and screaming and falling on the blocks, and while simple, you would have thought it was the greatest party ever for them. I am not sure why it was so successful but it was.
I also set up a stage with a black curtain for picture taking, then I posted the photos online for the parents to download and print if they wanted to. The kids had fun posing. You could use props and they would like that too, I would imagine.
Now if this were a princess theme, maybe you could still do photos - different backdrop like pink for example, and they could play dressup? I have seen the boas at Michaels for cheap - that could be fun for them to play with and take pictures together. And you could add maybe some glitter and gloves, anything you have for dressup, maybe some tulle for tutus, tiaras, maybe a few stuffed animal props.
If you don't have the climbers maybe you could make a pillow pit in the middle of the floor for crawling and playing.
If outdoors, you can still do the photo thing, and maybe also create a safe obsticle course with straw bales (more of the halloween theme) and do apple bobbing (with just a little water).
Face painting is sure to be a hit and works for either the halloween or princess theme - either hire someone or ask a neice or nehphew to come and man the station for the kids. Balloons are always fun too.
Have fun and good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

You can also look into Princess Parties. They will send a princess to your party. My friend went to one where Cinderella read the kids a book and sang a song. The kids loved it.
Also, they could make crowns. Have a treasure hunt in your house for cand or toys, or pin the wand on the fairy godmother!




answers from Chicago on

Instead of hot potato you could play pass the pumpkin, same game just a pumpkin instead of potato.



answers from Denver on is a great resource. Just look under kids party ideas, then princess theme. There are so many I would look at the ones that are around your daughter's age, more recent ones and those that have received "awards"!

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