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Updated on July 20, 2010
R.R. asks from Buffalo, NY
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I am having a 1st birthday party for my twin daughters in September 2010. I am looking for ideas for a theme, as well as any other help anyone can offer to me for invitations, supplies, etc. Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much, everyone, for all the advice and suggestions on my twin daughters 1st birthday party. I ended up going to our local Party store and purchased very cute Princess invitations, along with the matching plates, napkins, banners and cups. I also had my future sister in law take a very cute picture of the girls with pink and purple 1st birthday balloons in the photo, and I am going to include that in the invitation as well. It's going to be great! Daddy isn't too happy about all the pink, but he doesn't say much. He's going to love it too!! Thank you again everyone.

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How about Elmo. At a year make it very simple. Can be so overwhelming
the one year olds. Just go to a party store and they have everything

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Okay, Fairy's are in this year so you will finds lots for party supplies. Strawberry Shortcake, Carebears is nice to. Once they get older they will not let you pick the theme out anymore. :(

I would also suggest 1st Birthday registration. They have them all over. I did it at Baby R Us. This way you can pick out usefull things like good learning toys and outfits. This is just a few ideas. Good Luck! :) ebay and amazon have great deals on party supplies. FYI :)



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Check out
IT's a friend of mine and she has done b-day invites, goody bags for a bunch of my friends.

Check out for other unique invitations as well.



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my sons bday is next month. I think at one they are a little young to appreciate a theme, and to much can be overstimulating. However small little things that they will notice are great. For example my son loves turtles so his cake is going to be a turtle shaped cupcake cake


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Two peas in a Pod.... Double the fun! ___ and ___ are turning one!!!

So cute. And you can find supplies, and once you get a few things for a theme, you can add things into it and make it more girlie.

Check this out...



answers from San Francisco on

depends - is this mostly a gathering of relatives, friends, etc.? are there going to be a lot of kids too?
whatever you plan - I'd suggest trying to keep it as simple as possible b/c 1. your DD's are so young their memories of the party will only be from pictures you take; 2. they're still at an age where a lot of excitement can result in a lot of overstimulation for 1YO's (of course, I could just be rationalizing the fact that my twin daughters didn't have anything more than just cake with immediate family for their b-day until they were in kindergarten ;-))



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I would do two peas in a pod theme kind of like Ann Geddes and the invitations would be just that with them as part of the pod!! Yes, I have resources that can make them for you including the pix for the cake to match, the favor tag to match, etc.



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I had a hard time deciding on a theme for our miracle baby... but I decided to do one of their butterfly themes.. the party is this weekend... and the decorations are beautiful.. they are cheap and very very friendly over there... check out the website!

Good Luck!!!!



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I'd suggest keeping it VERY SIMPLE! They are so small, they will not remember it for long. However, so that they are happy "in the moment", time the party for when they are wide awake after a nap, so they are alert and can enjoy it (my friend's 1-year-old slept through her entire party). For my daughter's first birthday, I borrowed a "calliope" music cd from the library, or you could probably buy on on I used a circus theme, baking a round, single-layer white-frosted cake with a fat, red-frosted cupcake nose and a triangle-cut piece of cake stuck on for his hat, then another (blue or red) cupcake as a "tassle" at top of the "hat", all this on a round platter, surrounded by confetti. The colors used were red, blue, and green cake colors to set off the white frosting (you don't need much cake for little ones--mostly this is for adults!). I put the cake in the center of the table with children's nibble-food in red, green, and blue plastic dishes on the dining table, and had the gifts there, as well. There was a light fixture above the dining table and to this I attached slightly twisted red and blue strips of crepe paper from the fixture, one going down to each of the four corners of the table, and hung three balloons, red, green, blue from the bottom of the light fixture to be just above the cake (Note: Children under the age of 6 should NOT be given access to balloons, due to some having inhaled them when putting to their mouth!). If you can find clown party-favor bags (for a couple of take-home treats), and clown-paper plates/drink cups (for lemonade or just water), that would be great. If not, just go red, green, blue solid color for plastic cups and plates.

So...calliope-circus music, (boopEE, know the type), and this circus theme, you won't need anything else, and it is very festive! Moms will come with their dressed-up little kids, and your two will look like little princesses (or dress them each as a circus clown? You can find a pattern for circus clown outfits at Hobby Lobby or Walmart or Joanne's or other fabric stores and have someone sew them if you cannot sew--they can use the same outfit for Halloween!). My daughter actually remembered this party for several weeks. She talked quite early and everytime she saw the red-blue pennant flags at a store or an auto sales place, she would pipe up from her carseat behind me, "PAH-FWAGS!!" (her version of "party-flags").
Have fun, whatever your party theme!!



answers from Seattle on

The best piece of advice I can give is to remember that 1st bdays are for the PARENTS, not the children. Guests come to celebrate that 1st year with the parents, the kids themselves... at best crinkle a bunch of paper, do the "cake-face", and don't get completely overwhelmed and melt down. It's the one and only "adult" bday they get until they're outta the house. And in my opinion, it's the worlds truest "mother's day".

So for a theme... how about "Firsts?". Things to commemorate firsts for you family to Awwwwwww over. ((Also a great excuse to break out the pictures)). First smiles, first teeth, first word, first steps, first taste of pickle, first night to sleep more than 10 seconds, first shoes, first screaming tantrum in a public place, first sleepover (if they've stayed with, or anyone else has stayed with them), first, first, first.



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The party city on Union has girly invites 99 cents per pack. I have also seen alot of home made ones, but alot of time those end up being more expensive then buying.



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Totally depends on the setting and guests. My friend just had her son's 1st birthday and she did it down by the beach. We rented the Navy base's beach pavillion for them, and then they had an under water theme. SO CUTE!! The older kids played with water balloons, pinata's, etc...and the little kids had their ride on toys and the park right there as well! For my kids, we always did BBQ's for their first...somewhat simple and close friends and family.



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