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Updated on September 13, 2007
T.S. asks from Lubbock, TX
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I am trying to figure out what to do for my two boys on their birthday. My oldest will be turning 9 and my other one will be turning 3. Their birthdas are just about 2wks apart so we are wondering if we should have them together or seperate and what we could do that is fun and really exciting. If anyone has any theme ideas or other things I would love to hear it. Thanks...

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answers from El Paso on

Hi T.,

Three of my children will have their birthdays this coming month. My oldest will be 11 on the 24th, my son 6 on the 25th, & my youngest 4 on the 27th.

A couple of years ago I did an afterschool party on Friday for my oldest daughter & her friends. We made tie dye shirts & had pizza in the backyard - it was lot of fun! Then at about 5:30 I had our family over after work to celebrate all three birthdays. It worked out great for everyone.

To give everyone something special I made each one their own cake & decorated it the way each one wanted. Also my youngest picked out a pinata and my son picked out the candy bags. My daughter who's birthday is in May went shopping, only her & me, for the birthday gifts.

This year we are doing a family party with a friend or two. Not sure the details yet, but will always try to make them their own cake. I feel like this means a lot to them. And of course sending the cupcakes to school & celebrating each birthday on the exact day; by singing to them first thing in the morning & at dinner time. They all think they get two birthdays!

Hope this helps, I love to plan parties! Let me know if you need ideas.



answers from Austin on


There is a place near Burnet and 183, it is a Jump/Bounce place. ALthough I cannot think of the name. What is cool is that they provide private parties and have all sorts of cool jump and bounce inflatables. They can put the young kids in the bounce inflatables for younger kids and put the older kids in inflatable that is age appropriate. Seemed to be a clean place with a good staff. Have fun!



answers from San Antonio on

Last year I had my girls B-day party together but I reget it. Yeah it was good not to have two parties yet I felt like things were rushed like opening presents, spend time with everyone, eating, singing happy birthday and just in general that it wasn't Isabel or Ivy's SPECIAL DAY- Got to me in the end. And my were the same age bracket wherein yours children have a gap between them. Your nine yr old may not want all his friends seeing him having a shared b-day and little kids running around. Just my opinion. I planning a Chick E Cheese party for my nine yr old yes he is a little old for it but he's never had one there and now there are other location besides by Ingram. He has had his parties at the Wittex2 (MY favorite), Bowling, Malibu, the park and at PPP. Incredible Pizza is cool for a nine year. And just have a small family b-day party for 3yr old at the park or Mc.Ds or Chic-Fil-A b/c they are for a younger group of children.
Good Luck
These are only my opinions.



answers from Austin on

Hi T.,

As a local, mom-owned business, Beary Cute Stuffables, we offer "Build Your Own Stuffed Animal" parties for children of all ages! We offer a variety of cuddly animals and bears for all likes, as well as outfits to keep our animals warm.

All our animal kits include unstuffed animal, stuffing, stuffing stick, wishing star, birth certificate, instructions, and take home box.

Every Beary Cute Party includes personalized coloring pages, crayons, a game with prizes, and party hosting - at no additional cost to you.

Feel free to visit Mammasource's Local Reviews on Beary Cute Stuffables, as well as our website at to read what parents are saying about Beary Cute Parties.

Good luck in planning your boys party! Have a great day!

R. Aceves
Beary Cute Stuffables
Local, mom-owned business based out of Round Rock, TX



answers from San Antonio on

I am an Independent Crew Member of Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. I run a traveling stuff-n-fluff business. I come to you, so you don't have to prepare a thing or worry about fighting the crowds at the popular kids birthday places. I host a party for the children to hand stuff their own cuddly friend! I also have outfits for the animals or logo t-shirts or I can bring blank t-shirts and they can each decorate one for their animal!

Or, for those that live far away from me, I will send you a party in a box with everything you need to host your own party including tips and suggested guidelines for making the party fun!

I give you free birthday invitations as well. For locals we can even put a little something on the invitation that tells the parents that their child will be stuffing an animal and that I will have outfits available for them to purchase for their child if they wish to do so. Then, what I like to do, is offer 10% of the outfit sales to the Birthday child for them to use for a shopping spree with me that day!! I bring my rack of outfits and extra animals so they can choose what they want to get. I also give them a free gift for their birthday on top of all that.
I live in New Braunfels but I serve all of San Antonio too and some surrounding areas.

If you want to book give me a call so we can make sure your date is available or if you are out of state or far away from me call me so we can get your party in a box sent out.

Check out my website



answers from Lubbock on

You could rent one of the inflatable toys or there is a place called jump it up that has the toys there and the kids can play as long as they want.I am not sure about the one here but the on in amarillo is great for all ages and thye do parties and everything.Mr gatties is also very fun.There is also a new really cool place here in town it is not very big but it is very fun.It is called fun of a kind.there is all kinds of things to do there.They have really unique stuff that any kid would love.I cant remember the address but im sure it is in the phone book.also one more thing is the clay cafe the kids can go in and paint on plates or cups or several other things and then they people that work there will bake it in the oven and it comes out glossy like a regular plate.It make a really cute craft to keep and the kids love it.I have a little porclain cup and skateboard with may sons hand and foot print from there.Hope some of these will give you an idea.Also you might want to check out party plus they have all kinds of stuff for themed parties