Birthday Invitation Poem

Updated on December 17, 2006
K.C. asks from Plano, TX
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I need some help. I have been racking my brain and I think it is empty. My daughter is turning one the day after Christmas. I am planning a winter "One"derland themed party. The only thing I have so far is: There will probably not be white on the ground, except for the icing Sofia has found... and then I am stuck! I know there are many creative mommies out there, HELP! Any ideas would be great.

Thank you for any help,

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We did
I've learned to sit
I've learned to stand
I can even walk if you hold my hand
But something new has just begun
Look out world I'm turning one!

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Maybe something like this....

There will probably not be white on the ground,
except for the icing Sofia has found,
Join us in her One-derland crusade
As we celebrate Sofia's first birthday.

Good luck,
K....I also taught special ed. :-)


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I'm usually really good at these little rhymey type poems. I did a great one for my daughter's third birthday party that was a "Farm" theme.
Here is a little bit that I came up with when I read your post :) I don't know if it is what you are going for but you might be able to use a line or two!

Our precious daughter is going to be one, we want you to join us, we’ll have lots of fun…
There probably will not be white on the ground, except for the icing Sofia has found...
So come, help us celebrate, please give us a hand, as we introduce Sofia to a Winter “One”derland.

Here is another line I came up with but it didn't fit into the little "poem" above:
We want you to come and help us celebrate, this joyous occasion, we really can’t wait

Hope that helps!
I'd love to hear what you finally end up doing!




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Hi K.,

I saw a cute poem once for a first birthday.

Covered in cake and icing,
smile stretched ear to ear.
A single candle celebrates
the joy of your first year.

I thought it was cute. By the way, I also taught special ed before I became a SAHM.

Good luck! C.


answers from Dallas on

There will probably not be white on the ground
Except for the icing Sofia has found
On top of her fantastic chocolate cake
Which Mommmy did painstakingly bake

(Of course, flavor depends on what flavor it will be, and you could substitute "the baker" for Mommy or Grandma, or whoever)

To enjoy both the cake and icing too
We'd love to share this experience with you
Please join us and we hope you'll stay 'till we're done
Celebrating Sophia turning one!

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