Birthday Ideas for Husband

Updated on January 05, 2009
J. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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I need idea(s) in order to make special plan for my Husband birthday. With one income, I can't spend too much but I want to make it a special day for both of us to remember.

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Oh my goodness how sweet!
I LOVE spoiling my wonderful husband so I know exactly how you feel! are some things I have done when money was tight and the kids were to little to leave for long...

CLEAN: I once wrote 100 reasons why I loved him on paper hearts and hung them with thumbtacks very dramatically from the ceiling in the foyer so he walked right into them coming in the door.

Take balloons to his work or fill his car with them while he is running and errand...they love stuff like this too!

Dress yourself and your child up in your best outfits, take a picture and frame it, present it to him with a homemade cake full of candles while you sing (wear the same outfits and eat as a family by candle light).

Fulfill one of his fantasies (clean or naughty). My husband once wanted to lie in bed all day, eat Doritos and watching every Clint Eastwood movie ever made. I bumped it up a notch by being at his beck and call the entire day...via a little bell. He got so into it he rang the bell to have me scratch his foot! (I only did this once.)

SEMI-CLEAN: Do any of the above and them give him a special massage after child has gone to bed (do it in his favorite "naughty outfit" or in no outfit at all). Completely pamper candlelight.

Set up a tent in your beackyard, string Christmas lights inside and fill with blankets and pillows. Lead him blindfolded to the best camping trip he's ever been on!

NAUGHTY: Have a trusted girlfriend take photos of you and present them as a gift (remember guys are sooooo visual). My husband has a thing for 50's pin-up girls so I once did this with the 50's hair, seamed stockings, high heels the whole 9 yards (my girlfriend and I had a ball taking them too!)

Google "romantic ideas" you'd be surprised at what comes up!
Good luck and have so much fun!

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For my husbands 30th birthday I had him go fly a small airplane. Yes he flew it himself with an instructor there in the plane to guide him threw stuff. He loved it and it only cost $40. Of course that was 5 years ago. I can't remember the name of it, but it was over at Falcon Field airport. I am sure if you google it you could find it. He flew the airplane and then we ate right there at the hanger at a restaurant called Anzio Landing. Good luck and happy birthday to him. :)



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What I like to do is plan a special dinner that I make for just him and I. I feed the kids and get them to bed early, set up candles, soft music, great food and wine and enjoy our time together. This is a nice lead into kissing, making love and having a good night sleep.



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One year for my hubby's birthday I sent him on a 'treasure hunt', with clues that drove him closer and closer to our favorite restaurant, where I was there to meet him. It was fun, because it made the excitement to see each other on the date build, and it allowed me to have some time at the restaurant before he got there to relax and focus on being his wife, rather than the mommy.

A friend of mine did a week-long countdown to her hubs birthday with a small gift each day that meant something to them, a candy he loved, or something to do with an inside joke. For their date they went hiking- a very cheap date!

E-mail if you want more info or ideas. Have fun!



answers from Tucson on

Hi J.-

When the economy is down, I make the things he likes most for dinner, and his favorite cake with candles and everything. For that, Baby can be with you. After, well, there are several choices. For any of them, make sure that birth control is in place, and you have pretty lingerie. Baby should be at the sitter's. Depending on his ways of enjoying himself, you may wish to: stay in & watch a video of his choice; go out to his favorite sports bar; go for a hike; go to a movie; go dancing to his favorite music- you get the idea. Take a joint bath/ shower after any of the above, and give him a little massage while you're at it.

Hope it helps- S.



answers from Phoenix on

How thoughtful of you to plan something special for your husband's bday!

I am reading a book right now called The Five Love Languages that is a really great book. The premise behind it is that there are 5 basic ways of doing things which let your spouse know he is loved. They are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service (doing nice things), quality time, and receiving gifts. You can do things in the other love languages that he doesn't "speak" all day and he might not feel loved. But when you do something simple in his language, it goes a long way.

So maybe you know which way of loving him really makes him happy and can go from there. Like if he really likes physical touch, you could get some oil and give him a massage and then let that move into love making. If he likes words of affirmation, you could write him a poem about how much you appreciate him or get a really nice card. If he likes acts of service, maybe it could be just cleaning up the house really nice for him or doing the yard work for him or something like that. If he likes quality time, just spending time with him doing something he likes to do and really listening to him and connecting with him would be special. If it's receiving gifts, then buy him something inside your budget or make him something that would be special to him.

Just an idea. Hope this helps.



answers from Albuquerque on

Aside from buying him something connected with one of his interests, you might try something my wife and I have done.

Go to the grocery store and pick up a variety of finger foods (buffalo wings, mini corn dogs, pepperoni, cheese, deli swirls, etc.) and have a little picnic in bed watching his favorite movies or shows.

The food shouldn't be healthy, unless that's all he eats. There should be a feeling of decadence about the whole thing. Assuming he works all day in some kind of controlled environment, I would think he would like to let his hair down, so to speak.

Good luck!

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