Birthday Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy.

Updated on January 26, 2012
B.S. asks from Belton, MO
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Hi ladies. My son will be turning 4 at the end of March and I need some help with party ideas. My husband wants to have a party at our house. At the end of March the weather can be questionable so it is harder to plan for something outdoors. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to entertain 4-7 4 year olds. It seems like noone does home parties anymore so I am kind of at a loss for little kid party ideas. I think we are going to go with a Toy Story theme for the party and will serve pizza, drinks and cake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from New York on

If you have a decent sized house, a treasure hunt could be really fun, with good prizes.

Also if you can afford to have a clown type of person come in for an hour. In our area, they're usually $100.

And have some kind of crafts set up. You can get toy story doodle rolls (I got them very cheaply at Michaels) and have them spread out on tables with markers.

Pinata takes time and is fun.

Pin the tail on the donkey. You could have pin the tail on Bulls Eye.

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answers from New York on

We went to an "at home" party last month and it was great!
- Pin the Tail on the Donkey
- Pinata in the basement
- Face Painting (hired a high school art student)
- Hired a balloon person who came and made balloon animals for the kids
- Pizza and cake

The whole party was about two hours and the parents were invited to stay. It was really nice and the kids had a blast! The only thing I would suggest is narrowing your age range a little, unless the older children are siblings. Remember that the party is for the birthday boy and his friends, so focus on entertaining the preschoolers!

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answers from Chicago on

My neighbor just had a pirate themed party for her 4 yr old.
And she had 40 kids. LOL!
If you do 2 hrs, pizza drink and cake, you only need an hours worth of entertainment.

She set up her basement as a playroom with all their toys, and went to Oriental Trading Company (website) and got a few games.
Beyond that, just putting out toys (they'll be new to the other kids) will be plenty to entertain them for an hour!

For 4 yr olds, you don't have to do much other than give them access to each other and space to run around!

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answers from Springfield on

We went to the bowling alley.. they gave us a special deal and only charged for the ones who bowled. We brought our own cake and juice boxes. No mess in my house, no worries about the weather, if parents wanted to stay they could and buy there own food. We ended up with about 20 or so grown ups and 10-12 kids ages 3-14. Everyone had a blast and it only cost about $100 bucks...!!! My 4 year old even got a strike!



answers from Honolulu on

4 year old boys, are good at entertaining themselves and playing.
My son is now 5, but when he was 4 and I had play dates for him... he and his friends were constantly, busy and playing and running around. At no time did they get bored or just sit there.

Have a treasure hunt game.
Play Doh
Make it like an indoor picnic.
With big blankets on the floor for fun.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes, weather would be the big question here. I would have them watch the movie of Toy Story and serve popcorn or a snack with a drink. They can feel like they're at the movies, but at home. On the invitation say:

Come and join (son's name) for his featured Birthday Movie Celebration:
Toy Story
Movie Show Time: (Time)

Ask them to bring their favorite character from the movie.

Snack and Lunch provided

Head to the Dollar Store and buy some Popcorn Paper bags and
fill it with popcorn or goldfish. Give two choices if case one doesn't like popcorn.
Movie is over, serve Pizza and then let them play or do an activity.
Plan for some short games outside and/or a plan B for indoors.
This gives them time before cake. Then, do cake & presents.

If you feel a movie is too long, set up two or 3 stations to do something fun.
First station, buy a coloring book of Toy Story, have them color a picture to
take home. Next station, have them make a picture frame, takes pictures
of them and tell them you'll send it to them for their frame. You can insert those in the thank you cards.
And/or instead of picture frame (boys) buy some large potatoes (since it's a character in the movie) and have them
decorate their potatoe of Mr. Potatoe Head. Buy some "googly" eyes and
things like that at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
They're four so, I'd keep it to short things and move on.
Just some ideas and I hope you get more. I love this age!
Good luck...............

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