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Updated on September 01, 2009
N.D. asks from Panama City, FL
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Hello everyone.My son is turning 9 and where having are first sleepover birthday party,I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a few games we could play.The theme to his party is Halo 3 the game on Xbox 360,its an army game,he loves anything to do with Army stuff.Thanks on any advice or ideas you may have.I'm stressing over this !!1

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answers from Gainesville on

Glow stick tag. Each kid gets a set number of glow sticks and everytime they are tagged, the tagger takes a stick. Kid w/ the most wins. Or divide into teams of colored glow sticks and after a set time limit...the winning team is the one w/ the most :)

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answers from Miami on

Hi N.. Well maybe some water balloons could act like hand granades and they can pretend to bomb certain targets you can place in your yard. Whoever gets the closest to the target wins.

Same thing with the balloons: Make a maze of water balloons on the lawn and blind fold each child; they have to avoid stepping on a "mine" (ie: the water balloon). Whoever gets through the "mine" without popping the most balloons WINS! That would create lots of laughter.

Let me know how it goes. Hope this helps.

T. Harrington
[email protected]
"helping moms work from home" Since 1985

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answers from Mayaguez on

A friend of mine gave a nephew a military themed birthday party and it was a blast. It all started because the bboy said he wanted a MAN's party. As soon as they arrived they got their faces painted. They had an obstacle course, including an inflatable pool filled with sand and water. They shot each other with shaving cream. They had target practice with water balloons. Even the cake was covered in camouflage paste. It was an all boys party, similar ages and they were asked to wear worn clothes and to bring an extra set to change into after they were hosed down.Bb only allowed one girl, to partner with his twin sister.

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answers from Miami on

Hi N.
If your son is the true military type, he may enjoy a treasure hunt. I don't know how much space you have, but you could make a map (crumble it and iron it out to make it look authentic - brown paper bags are good for this). Or you could mark the starting point and place the clues to the next location until they reach their target. And you could have them rescue some one or find something nine year olds think is extra ordinary. You could make it more interesting by breaking them up in teams with color coded bandanas and giving them each a different set of clues. The main thing is for you to decide what the target area should be and how many obstacles you want them to overcome to get there. You could use stacked empty boxes as ambush sites etc. Indoors or outdoors this is great. Hope this helps :-)


answers from Miami on

Good Day,
I think it would be cool to set up a play area with military basic training games. Ex: Sack races, tires or circles where they have to stomp through them like military! Maybe take a spare piece of plywood and make a climbing wall ect... Winner gets a special prize! Let them set up the sleep over in a military back ground! Army ect is a very good stable back ground and a fun one for boys! I have my son who is a U.S. Marine and he loves the work and the ideal of protecting our freedom! Hang flags around ect.. I wish your son the Best Birthday with many more to come! God bless your husband for his service to our country & May God bless you and your family! Thanks Sir! Good luck N.!
Kathy N.



answers from Tampa on

Believe it or not but boys are really easy to entertain. When I had a birthday party for my nephew when he was little. I bought biscuits, pizza sauce and toppings and let them all make their own pizza's they loved it. Then we had ice cream sundaes after. Again, I let them each make their own. That took up a lot of the time. We played capture the flag out in the back yard. I also got the little plastic footballs at the dollar store that open up like the Easter eggs do and put nickles,dimes and pennies in them for the boys to find. We had a couple of movies and popcorn and soda later in the evening. Then I had them tell stories. They all had a blast. My nephew is now 33 and still recalls the best Birthday party he ever had and says it was his Birthday party at my house. Use your imagination. Get your son involved. Ask him what he wants to do. I would not do any type of war games or anything involving play weapons as a lot of parents do not want their chidren involved in this type of thing. Keep it neutral to avoid problems.



answers from Tampa on

What about laser tag or paint ball tag? Qzar on Dale Mabry has a cool laser tag thing. I know that the Army surplus store on Bearss has paint ball supplies, but I am not sure what all you would need or what it would cost. Or maybe you could do a homemade obstacle course (like basic training). Good luck, whatever you decide.

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