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Updated on February 20, 2011
T.R. asks from Port Orange, FL
12 answers

My son is turning 6 years old and i want to do something special been and done everything.. I live in florida.. Want to do something different and he'll enjoy.. Any idea's would be great

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answers from Miami on

We use to have my daughters bday at the broward county parks. Sometimes water sometimes just the playground. Always went over well. We have been to a bounce house place where the kids get to bounce all over the place. There is a place near us called Monkey Joes I bet there are other places like it. A big room full of different bounce houses, slides etc.

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answers from Boise on

We did a Peter pan party - so much fun. Kids dressed up as characters, pirates, tinkerbell, etc. Us adults dressed as pirates too. We spoke the whole day in pirate speak. Each of our activities was part of a clue in a hunt. The first clue said they had to go to Crocs Cove (our den) hung with green streamers- they all sat in a circle and we played the music "never smile at a crocodile"while we did hot potato with a green sock stuffed.. and had an egg timer inside that we could feel for and that it "ticked". Each child who was out got a gold chocolate coin, but the last child int he game got a coin and the clue to read for the next spot to go. Next they went to "Mermaid Lagoon" where we took a large blue cloth and hung it in the corner-hung blue streamers above it that hung straight down, and my husband crouched down behind the blue cloth and the kids dropped a fishing pole over- he hooked on a crocodile squirt gun. The last child (who was the birthday boy) got a clue also hooked onto his pole:the kids had to walk the plank to get to a Dead man's Island.(our plastic skeleton from halloween came in handy for a prop) We also had Pirates cave (a playhouse outside that we filled with cannon balls- (black balloons) they had to pull all the cannon balls out and stomp them to find the one balloon with the clue to the next location. The final location was a large basket that we had dug a hole in the ground and lowered it into, then covered it with brown towels and leaves (it was autumn) the boys enjoyed "excavating" the treasure bags- brown lunch sacks with the top edge cut in zig zags, each sack had gold chocolate coins and hersheys gold treasure candy in them.

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answers from Dallas on

One year for one of our sons we had an outerspace party- it was just our family(lots of siblings!) We got some butcher paper and painted a rocket on it and taped it to his bedroom door- turned his bed into a space ship with cardboard and sheets, got glow in the dark stars and stuck them every where and then we took paper plates and painted them to look like planets and hung them from the ceiling(we used glow in the dark paint on those too!) We also had a glow in the dark moon that we had on the wall- it was awesome!
I also painted some t-shirt for each of our kids- space creatures from a video game- and we all just played in the room for a while with the lights off and everything glowing! It really was a lot of fun for everyone- and only cost about $25 for everything. I think we put the portable dvd player in there also so they could watch a movie before bed.
You could do something like that and invite a couple of his friends over to share it with- maybe for a sleep over- and they can "camp out" under the stars! Have fun!

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answers from Miami on

I think that a pirate party would be great. Or if there are girls, make it like a treasure hunt party. Maybe make treasure maps and hide prizes outside (I live in FL, too) and the kids could dress in Indiana Jones type things. You could decorate the table with a kind of luau skirt and make it look like the jungle. This is the party my 6 year old daughter wants, which is where I got this idea. Hope it helps.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My son is now turning 7, and I live in Florida, as well. We have had the greatest success with just having the basic package party at Adventure Landing. They get to go on the go-carts (or laser tag), play mini golf, play video games, and eat pizza and soda...You can add the batting cage if you want too! They even include all the plates, napkins and plasticware!

Pump It Up and Big Air are huge hits, as well! :) And it ends up costing me the same amount as if I had thrown one myself (with food, decorations, plates/cups/napkins/plasticware) AND I do not have to clean up!

You could also go to a local park and decorate the cake with his favorite toys (last year we did Bakugan all over it--this year will be Beyblades) Most kids love to just run around and act! :)

We end up doing the park thing with our homeschool group, and then Adventure Landing with a set amount of kids...

We also have done Build-a-bear in the past and that can be as inexpensive as $10 a kid.

AND the great thing about having the party at one of these goes home with "favors" that are just going to be thrown in the trash about wasted money!

Hope this helped some, or at least sparked some ideas

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answers from Chicago on

Ok so I have no idea where port orange florida is in the state but we used to go to naples and or fort meyers every summer. there was a wonderful park called Jungle Larry's zoological park. they had a boat ride and tram ride and animal shows (tigers, snakes, birds etc) my kids loved it. we bought a year pass and went in july the first year and then june the second year. its not a huge park and we went almost every day that we were there. my kids still talk about it almost 20 years later.



answers from Nashville on

This year for our son we are considering renting one of those bounce things that is a slide with water running down it. Then having water guns, water balloons, etc If we do not rent that, we would get slip-n-slides and all of the water toys. You can do an ice cream party and have several different toppings as the treat with the cake. Since you have such great weather you can do many things.

You can do a movie party if you have a room big enough to show a movie and let kids bring their sleeping bags and have pizza, popcorn, cake. You can call it an "almost sleepover" and they wear their pj's.

You can have a bowling party.

Google bday party ideas in your town and state. I have gotten some ideas that way.

We did a laser tag party last year and one year we booked a Science guy to come and do science experiments. You can book magic guys, etc



answers from Denver on

I was just about to pay $75 for a paint your on canvas party for my soon to be 4 year old, but on further consideration I will be going to the art supply store in town and buying a stack of canvases and paints for her guests at her party this summer. Very little clean up since its in the backyard and we have had good fortune with the weather that time of year and the use of tents for shade or rain cover depending on the year. Her friends also always love Monkey Business if you have a place like that there (lots of bounce castles) and it is pretty easy clean up after and no awkward lingering guests at the end of the party, they nicely get everyone out after a couple of hours



answers from Tampa on

Have a party at the Firehouse. Most don't charge but you have to bring your own tables and chairs. I had one as a kid and one of my kids had one. We made a donation to the firehouse. The kids loved it. They got to climb on the truck and the men/women dressed up and let the kids dress up. We ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream. We included the firemen/women too.

We've done parties at the Springs where the kids played in the park and then went swimming in the Spring water.

Bowling parties, skating parties, laser tag, mad science. Cici's pizza, Chuck E Cheese, McDonald's.

Create your own party based on what your child loves.



answers from Tampa on

Where is port orange? What are his interests? If you are close to Tampa?
Mosi museum
Busch gardens

If he likes baseball, lots of teams from up north started spring training. You can get tickets etc.


answers from Detroit on

How about Bowling? We did it for my 5 year old last year and the kids had a blast.

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