Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1 Yr Old Girl

Updated on January 29, 2010
J. asks from Lisle, IL
13 answers

so i have a 6 yr old girl, and a almost 1 yr old girl

we have a lot of family who want to buy gifts and not college money

for Christmas i returned a lot at walmart and target and i put the equivalent money in her account

well she will be 1 in February and i need some gift ideas for people, like things that my older one didn't get or wasn't around then
some durable educational ideas would be great too

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answers from Chicago on

How about those more expensive toys that you might not have bought the first time around, or sets that you can add to over time? Like MagnaTiles or Wedgets (building toys), Thomas engines and accessories. Those types of things are also great because they last forever and hold their value, so you can sell them or donate them later.

Or consumable items - art supplies, markers, paints, paper, stamps and ink pads.

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answers from Washington DC on

I always make a Target WishList as a guide for family memebers.

Also, I have always asked for the basics:
diapers, clothes for the next season/size, towels/washclothes, blankets.

Perhaps, room decorations to change from a nursery?



answers from Chicago on

Since you child will soon be walking if not already, how about Roobez soft soled shoes? We loved our Roobez!



answers from Detroit on

my daughter loved/loves fisher price little people. a good gift is also leap frog fridge phonics/farm and leap frog letter factory dvd. books are a great idea.

if your family is not open to the college fund, how about asking them to sponsor something else you might do with her, like swimming lessons, gymboree class, etc. perhaps then, you could take the money you might have spent on those things anyway and put into the college fund.



answers from Boston on

My kids got lots of use out of the Fisher Price Farm with extra animals. We also liked children's CDs for dance parties (your 6yo will love that!). Anything else with children's music...Disney has great CDs with all the old children's classics -- Skip to my Lou, There's a Hole in my Bucket...

I think you're brilliant for returning those gifts and putting the $ in her account!!



answers from Dallas on

How about her own personalized music cd? Check out

Good luck.


answers from Chicago on

I have an online boutique with all kinds of pretties! Hair bows, bow holders & accessories. Many moms love to accessorize their little girls. I also do custom orders, so you could match outfits you have (or receive). Feel free to check out my site or forward to guests with ideas for your little one:)


Birdy Lu Boutique



answers from Albuquerque on

The returns & money in account is an excellent idea (I'll have to keep that one in mind)! Depending on her personality my suggestions are: chunky puzzles, tent/tunnel playhouse (my girl loves hers), FisherPrice Little people & playsets. My girl's birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, so we were more interested in the "fun party" for birthday and "presents" for Christmas. Who needs more toys, anyways!



answers from Toledo on

I agree with the chunky puzzles. They are great for developing motor skills. Also, for a big ticket item, the spin and bounce zebra is fun for your daughter but also helps develop gross motor skills.


answers from Dallas on

My daughter got one of these chairs that she LOVES. She feels like such a big girl in it. haha

A swing that goes outside is great, or one of those little cars that they ride in while you push them. My daughter loves that as well. A toy box was given to her by my in laws which is sort of for both of us. haha



answers from Chicago on

I used to sell Discovery Toys and although I don't sell them anymore, I still buy them. Their toys are educational and durable. I cannot say enough good things about their toys!!! You can buy them online at: or you can try to find someone in the area who sells them.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Ask for books! Or bookstore gift cards. You can never have too many books, right?



answers from Minneapolis on

* Melissa & Doug puzzles
* Shape sorters (tupperware ball)
* books, books, books
* Little People farm
* Bath toys
* Anything musical
* Anything gross motor
* Things to push around (poppers, lawn mowers, vacuum)

I am also a practical mom and prefer money in a college fund or in savings bonds, than a bunch of toys.

Would some family be more prone to buy savings bonds? They can get those at the US Post Office for half the price of what they will be valued at in the future (depending on the series they are).

Is there anything that you know you will need for her later in the year or this summer????

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