Birthday Gift Idea Please

Updated on November 11, 2008
D.H. asks from Portland, OR
7 answers

Please share your ideas for a bday gift for a 5 yo boy. $10-$20 price range. I don't know the boy very well and have no clue. Thanks!

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answers from Seattle on

$20 Target giftcard!!! My son who just turned 9 in July, and all of his friends always LOVE getting giftcards!! That way they can get what they want, feel in control and Targets are everywhere, and I recommend Target b/c they have a huge variety of things, as oppsoed to like Toys R' Us!!!! They even have really cool, fun giftcard holders too!!! Or maybe put it in a fun gift bag w/ some candy to go w/ it!!!=)

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answers from Portland on

I would say anything superhero would be a good bet. Also, you can never have too many nerf guns, and they have good ones in that price range. My boys have also always loved Star Wars & Legos, but I know not all kids do.

I would also say that the Target gift card (or even a crisp $20 bill) is a good idea as well. My kids always used to get presents at parties, (and then there are always duplicates that need to be returned) but I've noticed as they get older that they're getting more and more gift cards or cash, and they love spending it. Last year my 10 year old made out with about $140 in gift cards and cash, and was able to go on a shopping spree. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time! If you know any other kids attending the party, call their moms and see if they want to go in on one big present or gift card. 3 kids giving a $50-$60 gift card allows the birthday child to get something really cool. When I give a gift card, I usually buy one of the really big Hershey bars and wrap it so that the child has something fun to open, and then tape the gift card to the front.

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answers from Portland on

I would say first and foremost call his mom! The usuals for boys in that age range are anything that makes noise, a cool movie (superheroes, tv show cartoons, Kung Fu Panda), or something to build with (Kinteix has magnetix sets for kids that age that rock!), Moonsand (nice alternative to playdough!). However his mom might have some restrictions - we don't let our kids watch certain things. If all else fails head to Safeway and grab a giftcard to Toys'R'Us - a kids dream come true! We did this for a 12 year old we were unsure and she was so thrilled - she had seen something the week before she wanted so badly and was so excited she could get it. Plus then mom can steer him towards what she would prefer to have in the house. Best of luck!!



answers from Yakima on

Webkinz are always a fun way to go and they have dinosaurs and lizards and snakes, fish...just about every animal you can name. Then they log them on the internet and play...they are about $ grandson's love them and my granddaughter and I collect them...


answers from Seattle on

D. - I don't know where you are located, but my son LOVED getting a card to go to Jump Planet. It's a big blow up play area in Kirkland, WA. That way we didn't have to pay for it, and he got to try it out.
Maybe there are some play areas or jump areas nearby that you could get him free pass too. Or to the aquarium, zoo, or children's museum.
Also, call his mother!! I just did that a couple of weeks ago when we got invited to a party and she was able to give us some good ideas.



answers from Yakima on

toy cars or trucks hot wheels



answers from Seattle on

5 year olds love unwrapping things. So if you can getting something to tear open would be better then a card.

Drats. Just found out you're in Portland. I was going to send you to Top Ten Toys in Ballard, Seattle.

Similar thing though. If you have a toystore near you (not a huge one like ToysRus), they can be a great resource. People who work in smaller toystores usually do so because they love toys & kids...and they've got a really good idea of their stock. People who work at toysRus type store usually do because they need the $.

Another option on the quick that are always good bets are the classic toys : Checkers-chess/Yahtzee/Connect4/Dominos/Operation/Marbles

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