Birthday Games for 9 Year Old Girls

Updated on January 12, 2012
L.N. asks from West Liberty, IA
6 answers

My oldest is turning 9 and we're having her party on Saturday. I'm not sure what kinds of games to have the kids play at the party. In the past we've done "make your own fairy wand," Pin the tail on the donkey, bingo, and a game where one girl has to be silly and all the others can't laugh.

Do you have any suggestions for 9 year olds??

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answers from New York on

At this age, girls LOVE craft projects! Have them make their own jewelry boxes, picture frames, jewelry etc. That way at the end of the party their "activity" becomes their "goody" too!

Actual games:
- Charades
- Freeze Dance
- Scavenger hunt
- Twister (depending on how many girls you have)



answers from Los Angeles on

hot potato (or hot any item), scavenger hunt (with little candies for each child at the check points), have a jar/bowl filled with silly things the girls have to do (dance like a ballerina, find the older or younger sibling and bark at them etc), my mom used to have us play a game called poor kitty and what you had to do is all the kids sat in a circle and one child is in the middle and has to make another laugh by meowing like a poor kitty. the child that is trying not to laugh has to pet the ''kitty'' 3 times saying poor kitty 3 times.



answers from Appleton on

I completely agree with a crafty project. At my daughter's 9-year-old party (It was in July), we had a spa party. We decorated Flip Flops, and my neice and I painted the girls fingers and toes. I bought a really mild facial mask and painted it on their faces and even put cucumbers on their eyes! They LOVED it. I have the cutest pics of them all with their masks and cucumbers with their toes drying :)



answers from Dallas on

This is a game that I used to do at Bday parties when I was a child and we have one in the house that our kids love. Amazon says that it could be delivered by tomorrow! It could be a present and party activity all in one!



answers from Milwaukee on

My 11 year old daughter had a "Minute to Win It" party in December. Like the TV show. There's a minute to win it website where they list tons of games with the rules, etc. There are plenty of games that aren't too difficult for them, and the girls all had a blast! With a few plastic cups, pencils, dice, toilet paper and kleenex you'll be set for lots of fun. Good Luck!!


answers from San Francisco on

Check out, TONS of great ideas!

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