Birthday for 10 Year Old Boy

Updated on January 05, 2009
K.C. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi, I am wondering if a 10 year old boy would enjoy a birthday party at Pump it Up? I have never been there so I don't know what it is like. I am also considering this place at Westgate-I forgot the name. It is like a Build a Bear but with cars instead of bears. Has anyone had a party there? Any other suggestions in the west side of town? My son can't skate and I am sick of Peter Piper.

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I asked my 10 year old (will be 11 on Thursday) about Pump It Up and he said "No way!" But he is a pretty mature acting 10 year old.

On of the best boy birthdays we have ever thrown is a "Fear Factor" birthday. Remember that tv show? We created all kinds of challanges, divided the guests up into teams and they was great fun!

Last year the 10 year old had a "ball party". We wrote invitations on plastic balls, gave away balls as the goody bags and you guessed it played with many different kinds of balls at the party (held at the local park). The guys really had fun with the big yoga balls on the tennis court. It turned into some kind of extreme dodge ball game.

This year he is taking a few friends go-cart racing at Speed Street Indoor Track on 67th and Bell Rd.

Have you looked into paint-ball? That was high on my son's list as well. There is always Lazer Tag too.

A friend of mine did an "combat party". The boys all brought their air soft or Nerf guns and just played war in her huge backyard. She set up two base camps on opposite sides of the yard with boxes marked "top secret" and the boys had to battle and plan missions to retrieve them.

I haven't been to the build a car place but it seems a bit young for a 10 year old...
Good luck deciding and planning!

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My son just turned 9 and LOVES that place...we have been to several parties there, all of the kids (and most of the parents for that matter) absolutely love it. It is even nice for parties on a school night because all of the kids leave exhausted....Good Luck!



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My daughter went to a birthday party at Laser Quest last summer (she's 11) and she and the boys loved it. My kids had a birthday party at Soufflez(a meal prep & cooking class store), which is now closed, but it was a cooking class party. We had boys and girls and it was a great hit. I'm not sure if other meal prep places offer parties like that or not. If he has an interest in cooking, it may be worth checking into. Some Karate/Tae Kwon Do places offer self defense type parties too. Good luck !



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My son is 9 and would like to do another pump it up part.
There is also Laser quest. we did that this summer for his 9th b-day and it was a blast.

that place at westgate I think is called build a ride or something like that. Havent been there yet. Had a chance for grand opening but never made it still have the free body they sent me.

Dave and busters would be fun. not sure how much that would cost, that is over at Desert Ridge, use to be Jillians.



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We did a Pump it Up birthday party for my daughter's 10th birthday in September. She invited her whole 5th grade class and more boys showed up than girls. They had a ton of fun! You can take your son by there on a Saturday, while the partys are going on, and they will let you look around. There has also been some coupons in either the value pack or junk mail for Pump it Up. Bowling partys have have also been a hit. Good Luck!

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