Birthday Favors at School

Updated on May 02, 2011
M.D. asks from Stockton, CA
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I need ideas on birthday favors for my kids 5th birthday at the preschool. I am SO tired of giving (and receiving) "junkie" toys in the goody bags . I was just curious if anyone has any brilliant ideas for things to giveaway in goody bags. We are on, like everyone these days, a VERY tight budget (I have triplets who are'nt in the same class(3 in different rooms) so each has their own classmates ,hence i need to give many goodybags )- so looking for creative / useful ideas, but still cheap!!! : ).

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So What Happened?

thanks TO you all for saving me from spending money & hassels....Some of the kids in their class gives goody bags so i guess thats where my kids wanted to do the same. BUt as everyone said its a waste of money so i have decided to send a pencil & lolipop :)

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answers from Kansas City on

Why do you have to bring anything at all?? Is there some kind of rule?? Don't get into a keeping up with the Jones' mentality. Don't get it if you cannot afford it!! 'Nuff said! :o)

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answers from San Francisco on

I never did goody bags for school birthdays, nor did anyone in my kids classes. Just cupcakes, or brownies with sprinkles to look festive. Goody bags for a whole class, much less three classes is a lot to ask of a family. I'd say skip it altogether and just make a triple batch of cupcakes.

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answers from Detroit on

IF you have to do something, maybe buy a new game, toy or puzzle for each classroom.

Or send in a snack such as fruit or veggies.

Maybe the school will let you send in the kids favorite movie on their b-day and the class can all enjoy a movie that day.

I personally would NOT do a goodie bag for the kids.

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answers from Chicago on

Skip it! Goody bags are stupid.

The other parents don't want the cheap junk in their house either. They also don't want to feel obligated to buy cheap junk too.

When I was in elementary school, a kid might have brought in cupcakes or cookies for their birthday but that was it. How on EARTH did we manage to grow up without getting a goody bag for everyone's birthday!?!?!?

I'd say about 10% of the parents really want to do them and the rest don't. The 10% who do either have a ton of disposable income or they're trying to make sure their kids "look the best" because they gave the best goody bag.

Let's all unite - NO GOODY BAGS! Who's with me? heh heh heh

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answers from New York on

Seriously, this whole goody bag thing has gotten out of control. I saw it start in between my two kids (15 and 11 years old). I never sent goody bags to school, I sent cupcakes and juice. Goody bags were for their own private birthday parties. No one needs any more junk, you are so right. Even when I did birthday parties, I avoided those cheap toys that I hated, and just went with candy and maybe some stickers. I really wouldn't bother with three classes worth of goodie bags honestly.

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answers from Houston on

My son went to a 5 yo party and the favor was a CD of a few of the bday boy's favorite tunes.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I am sure to be in the minority here but I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer bringing a cookie for a birthday over a treatbag. If you ask me the treatbag thing is ridiculous and sets you up for great expense and major competition. My sons teacher requested a donated book instead of a treat this year. Fine, that is what I did. Only to find out that every other parent sent in an elaborate treat bag-usually 'themed' with the book read and donated. I miss the good old days where you sent in a cookie and some napkins and were done with it.

So to advise on what to bring-unfortunately the cheapes stuff is going to be the 'junk that you hate. You could maybe run off some cute spring coloring sheets and wrap them up with a couple crayons and a lollipop/fruit snack in pretty ribbon.

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answers from Chicago on

I have never heard of giving treat bags in school. Ever and my kids are 29, 22 1/2, 21 and 16. That has to be something new. When my older kids were in school they were allowed to bring a treat to school it could be a pc of candy or a cupcake home made or whatever. the youngest has only been allowed to bring store wrapped items which have ingredient lists due to allergy stuff. My grandchildren are allowed only to bring store bought things also. my daughter sticks with the mini rice crispie treats. no chocolate, no nuts etc. I would go with those.



answers from Washington DC on

Last night we made brownies in a mini cupcake pan for my daughter. I never sent toys to school or any goodie bags, always cookies, she won't eat cake or cupcakes. THis year is the first year in 6 though, she is 16.

I don't even give junkie toys at the birhtday party.



answers from Madison on

I've never heard of giving goody bags at school. We have always just brought in a special treat to share with the class.



answers from Fresno on

I've never understood the whole "goodie bag" concept at parties, so I've never done them. I haven't witnessed one kid wondering where their goodie bag was either. The kids just have fun playing and enjoy cake. I've always had kids go home happy!



answers from Norfolk on

I usually take a cupcake for each child in the class and a lollipop for each so they will have something sweet for later.



answers from San Francisco on

another vote for "no goodie bags" - a book for the classroom (BTW if your public library has a "Friends of the Library" secondhand book store, that can be a GREAT place to pick up excellent gently-used books on a tight budget - I've found nearly-new hardcover classics like the Narnia books for $3 or less and paperbacks for 50 cents to $1 - our "tooth fairy" shops there ;-)), or a pencil or small edible (cookie, rice krispy treat, etc.) for each classmate.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with most of the moms here. Don't give in to the goody bag mentality. My son's birthday is today, he is 7.
They don't allow treats at school due to allergies but you are allowed to give a token something or donate a book to the library...which is what we are going to do.
I too had to resist the urge to send something to school with him today...after many years of receiving junk (even the crayons) the only things we still have is pencils....and he uses them. Haven't had to buy one pencil since he has been 3!
If you feel you must do something...then give a pencil. At least the kids can use them. Check either at Target $1 bin or at a $1 can get 12 pencils for a dollar! Or you can splurge and get each of your kids favorite character at a party store and spend $3 for 12 pencils.



answers from Boston on

When did this become a trend? You don't need to do goody bags for school if you must give them something silly bands I see as cheap as a 1/pack buy a few packs and give each kid 1 bracelet



answers from San Francisco on

I agree, no goodie bags. I think your lollipop idea is great. Or even a sticker or a tattoo.



answers from San Francisco on

I ONLY use brown paper bags (let the kids personalize them with markers, crayons and stickers) into which go a wiffel bag and a can of playdoh. That's it. I know the kids will love it and play with them. And the moms won't hate throwing away a bunch of junk.


answers from Los Angeles on

I've never had a goodie bag sent home from school. Don't like 'em, though. We do $2 gift certificates to Baskin Robbins for our child's birthday party each year (huge hit); although this year we're burning Ziggy Marley's "Family Time" album CD for the families coming :)


answers from Austin on

I agree, we never did any sort of goodie bags.

If I were going to give something at school it would be pencils.


answers from Milwaukee on

We're doing THIS now?

Glad we just had my son's birthday snack before Easter vacation! YIKES!

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