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Updated on February 05, 2007
O.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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My daughter just turned one in January, and I am due again March with my second child. I’ve been pregnant for the last two years. I was looking into the birth control Mirena. Just wondering if any one has any experience with it. I just don’t want to get pregnant again, well at lease not so soon.

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answers from Phoenix on

Ora~ First congratulations on your upcoming baby. I have a few friends on IUD's (both copper and hormonal) I have heard some very positive feed back. As with any form of medication there are positives and negatives. I am also in the research mode for finding a new type of birthcontrol and have found a lot on the web. Minera has a website, it has some helpful information, but remember that it will put the positive spin on their drug. I have had a lot of success on the Berkely Parents network. Here is a link to the IUD question page.
Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Mirena is a good IUD if you are interested in reducing/eliminating your periods and don't mind hormonal birth control. Personally, after I have kid #2 I will probably go for a copper IUD instead. They last longer (10 years) and don't have ANY hormones, which makes me much happier. The IUDs are great but can cause a bit more cramping during periods.



answers from Chicago on

I got a Mirena in mid-December and the spotting finally stopped a few days ago. I was not crazy about that part - I felt like I would be bleeding forever, but they were right and it did stop eventually. I've had two periods and both were heavier, longer, and a lot more painful than in the past but they say that periods should get lighter over time.

I guess that's not very helpful - so far, everything's pretty much as my doctor said it would be and I hope after 6 months or so the painful periods will get easier. I couldn't tolerate the pill - even the weak ones made me nauseated so I was worried about Mirena, but so far not even a hint of that seasick feeling, thank goodness.

The only other drawback is that it only lasts for 5 years and it was a couple of hundred dollars more than a traditional copper IUD. But the good thing is that if you don't like it, or decide to get pregnant, it can be easily removed.



answers from New York on

First of all, congrats on your second one. I know how you feel because I was on Mirena and had it removed in March and now we are expecting our second child in July. Did your doctor suggest Mirena? Because it is usually prescribed for people who can't take the hormones in birth control or have already had one child. I had mine inserted about six months after my son was born. There are pros and cons. Some of the pros are that after about six months you have no period at all. That was very nice. It is convenient since you don't have to think about it at all once it is in and it is 99.9% effective. The hormones are also centralized to just your uterus so you don't have to worry about about weight gain. However, I bled or spotted off and on for about the first six months weekly and that was annoying, not to mention disgusting. My doctor said this was very common as was low libido, which I experienced a little, too. Take two advil before having it inserted b/c it hurt a little going in, didn't feel a thing coming out. Check with your insurance coverage also, because we found that mine was not covered and the Mirena was about $800 when it was all said and done. But it does last five years and fertility came back right away. Hope that helps.



answers from Chicago on

I have heard horror stories about IUD's puncturing people and also of women conceiving anyway. Also, just so you IUD does not prevent fertilization. If this matters to you, I would use a different method of birth control.



answers from Chicago on

My body dispelled the IUD that I had (I think it was the coppper one), so I didn't try the Mirena for fear it would happen again (which I'm told is rare). I absolutely love the Ring! Look into's just once a month & forget about it * Good luck! ;)

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