Bird Troubles

Updated on January 02, 2008
C.W. asks from Clearwater, FL
4 answers

We got my daughter a love bird. Our dogs want to eat it. Any suggestions on what we can do about the training the dogs not to try to eat it. Yelling doesn't help. She spends a lot of time in her room with it. I want her to be able to bring the bird out and not fear that it will be the dogs next snack. I keep watching the dog whisper and he has not mentioned this problem. We have a lab and shitzu.
Thank you.

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answers from Tampa on

Might sound cruel, but I held my dogs mouth shut and let our birds peck their nose and told the dogs "NO". We have several dogs, cats and birds. They all get along pretty well.



answers from Orlando on

If she wants to take the bird out of her room put the dogs outside. You can't take away the animal instincts.
I hope you got her two love birds instead of just the one.
They tend to not do as well by themselves. They will really bond with your daughter and if she decides down the road she doesn't want it any longer it will not bond with a new owner and then not do so well health wise.
Just something I was told years ago about that bread. I used to have a cocktiel, parakeets, sun conier, would love to have an african grey.



answers from Gainesville on

Hi C.,
I had a parakeet and 2 dogs. A Brittney Spaniel and a Golden Ret.
The Brittney would try to get it. We would say a firm "No" and put her in a down position. Unfortunately, I don't think you can take the natural instinct away from them. I think you have to always be careful and vigilant about having the bird in the same area. We never had a bad experience. Training the basic commands for the dogs goes a long way and can prevent mishaps as long as you are watchful. Good luck! :)



answers from Orlando on

I just brought home a Cockatiel a few weeks ago. He is tame and will sit on your shoulder or hang out in the room. I make sure that the dogs (I have 3) are not in the room, in case he flies. My lab/pit mx LOVES the bird. She knows what baby means and is protective of him. My dachsund (male and female), well the female lunged at the bird but the male loves him too. I just took Bella (female dachsund) and brought her up to the cage, held her and gently popped her nose and scolded her. Then in the kennel she went. Whenever shes around the cage I make sure Bella knows Im watching and say "Bella Nice"......Check with your vet and see what he says. Petsmart has dog trainers, you can ask them for advice. There is also a chat room you can join (free)on and discuss the issue with others. Good Luck, I hope all works out.

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