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Updated on June 03, 2008
L.R. asks from Livonia, MI
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Does anyone know of a psychologist in the Livonia and/or surrounding area who may specialize in bipolar? I have an 18 year old who has suffered with this issue since he was 6 months old, although he was not accurately diagnosed until 5 years ago. He is very manic currently, and his psychologist doesn't seem to be the perfect fit right now. I also understand there is a program through U of M hospital that specializes in bipolar. Any info or feedback?

Thanks for your help. This disease can be very overwhelming.

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So What Happened?

Our son recently went through an intervention at the beginning of July. He was self medicating and both the psychiatrist and psychologist felt he was at very "high risk." It was felt that he would be dead or on the streets if something wasn't done soon. He was self-medicating at an increasing level and frequency. They, and we, felt an intervention was the only way to possibly save him and give him a chance at life.

While this was probably the worst thing we've ever had to decide, the results thus far are very encouraging. He left sobbing, emaciated, and scared with an escort to a dual diagnosis facility in California (the entire family is helping to support the costs). When we speak to him now, and phone calls are still limited, he sounds like a new person. We feel that a great burden has been lifted from a situation he didn't know how to handle and remove himself from.

Your support, constructive recommendations, and caring have been an enormous help to me. I can't express my gratitude adequately, or enough. The sharing of your personal stories and knowledge has helped carry me through. Thank you.

Don't ever give up. As long as we're here, there is help. L.

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I am not sure of the place; but I know there is an outstanding location in Lansing. My mother suffered this to the highest degree - to the point that it destroyed the family and were it basically messed up with my life (as the child) because I never knew what to expect or what was happening.

I do know this: it is hereditary. I know that I am on the 'moody' side at times (of course, not the the degree she is/ was!) and so is my baby brother at 20.)

She did get the help she needed and we were able to talk again. Certain drugs affect the body differently and the patient does need to be in a program if they are very bad...

I am not sure how bad off your son is; so I do feel for you. With summer coming; it may not be a bad time but know that if you do place him in hospital care he can sign himself out anytime as he is of age. That was our drawback with my mom until she was court-ordered to get treatment.

This is not something to take lightly and this is a disease that exists... as some do not believe in it.

I hope only for the best for you and your family; as well as your son!

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I have a great psychiatrist, Dr. Kedzerski in Plymouth. She is wonderful! (The bi-polar disorder runs through my family.) A psychologist isn't helpful for bi-polar patients, because they can't prescribe medications and all the talking in the world won't help if he's manic. He needs to get his mood stablized, before he can profit from any talk therapy. She has great listening skills and has a very comforting way of talking to patients. I HIGHLY recommend her. If you'd like to talk, let me know and we can exchange email addresses and phone numbers. I live in Canton. I know how frustrating dealing with this illness can be. I have had to get my sister hospitalized (at her request), but then when the time came, she refused treatment.

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I take my two girls to see Cheryl Jones in Livonia. Cheryl is great, but I am unsure if she treats bipolar; however, I bet she can recommed someone for you. Give her a call at ###-###-####.

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Hi L.,

The University of Michigan has a great program that deals with children, teens and adults. I haven't had experience with the bi-polar dept. myself, but they built an entire facility dedicated to it. They're located at Plymouth Rd. in Ann Arbor (kind of the Domino Farms area). Their number is ###-###-####. Let them know how manic he is at present so they can try and fit you in. They also have some wonderful support groups for families of bi-polar, too.

Know that you're a great support for your son now. When I was a child/teen I had some undiagnosed depression and OCD. To this day, am most grateful for mom for "being there," till we could find someone to help out.

Take care!



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Hi L.,

I may be able to help you. I've been diagnosed with bipolar1 in 2005 and I believe you when you say that this disease is overwhelming. It has truly been a nightmare for me. Enough about me. Where I go for medication evaulations and psychotherapy is at the Rachel Upjohn Depression Center on 4250 Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor, MI. The number to call is ###-###-####. Give them a call and explain your situation with your son. Perhaps the both of you can set up an intial appointment and get started with a treatment plan. I have received excellent care there. I hope this helps.

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Hello L.,
I empathize with your struggles and management of your son's bipolar dx. My friend Tracy's stepdaughter struggled with that. Of course it affects the entire family! This is not advice on a psychiatrist , or psychologist, however, you really need to hear about how wonderful , natural products have turned her life around and brought peace to their home!!!Her Dr. has even lowered medication she was taking as a result! What a blessing! It's not easily explained typing. So if you'd like call me and I'll share gladly or even better I'll put you in touch with my friend and how you can find out more about it! I can be reached at ###-###-####.cell or ###-###-####
Have a blessed day!
C. W.

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