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Updated on May 24, 2009
R.A. asks from Hubert, NC
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I was wondering if anyone else had a child around age 11 that was also bi-polar? and what if any natural vitamins or herbs they have given their child in place of normal medical meds? Thank you R.

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answers from Raleigh on

I would love to talk to you. Send me an e-mail at I can send you a link to an audio by a renowned doctor.

Thank you.

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answers from Jacksonville on

There are a couple of ideas in this article. It would certainly be worth trying (eliminating wheat and/or milk) to see if that makes a difference, or giving methionine, which is a completely harmless amino acid (amino acids make up proteins, which we are made of, and eat...) I'm sure there's still much research to be done.



answers from Greensboro on


you might want to take a look at This a clip about toxins that burden the body and some thought is that this might be a result of an overload of heavy metals and toxins. message me if you want more info. I am a home based distributor/consultant for this company and the testimonies around this product is tremendous. Would be glad to help you. M.



answers from Chattanooga on

I don't have an 11 year old, but I do have a 17 year old daughter that ha Bi Polar Disorder and we have basically been dealing with it since she was very young. She wasn't diagnosed with that until she was about 6 or 7 I think.
With all of the research that I have tried to do over the years, I haven't come across anything natural that helps. I really wish that there was something. My daughter has been on so many different meds over the years. Everytiime we find something that works she eventually develops an allergy to it or it doesn't work as well over a LONG period of time. She takes Resperdal at the present time along with Topamax for migraines. and Ambien to sleep at night. But I can tell a difference. Sh actually pretty much like most every other teenage girl now, Lol!

good luck with finding something that works well for your child.



answers from Asheville on

Hi R.,

How is your child's diet? Sugars, processed foods? Anything he's allergic to?

My brother was diagnosed bipolar at that age. He was first diagnosed ADD at 7 and put on ritalin, then ADHD between 8-9 and put on other meds and at 10-11, diagnosed wtih bipolar and put on every med under the sun since that age (he's 20 now)...The thing that I noticed the most was his dietary habits. My stepmother took him to a nutritionist when he was 10 and found out he was allergic to high fructose corn syrup, wheat, and a few other things. Unfortunately, that's what he was eating most of his life-for every meal...and then for only a short time-his diet was changed, but it wasn't kept up consistently (his meds made him gain significant weight because he kept craving carbs and sugars-and he would eat that way) Anyways, this example is to show how I believe his diet and food allergies played a key role in his behavioral issues...that snowballed his bipolar diagnosis.

I'm not implying this is what's going on with you, but just sharing about a relate-able experience.

Chinese medicine is very effective at treating psycho-emotional disorders through acupuncture, dietary modification, and herbal formulas. If you'd like to email me if you have any questions, please don't hesitate...

B. Sabaj, LAc, Dipl. OM LMBT (#8444)

Are you getting your necessary "ME" time?!
Come to Healing Point Acupuncture, where your "ME" time is 100% of the time.



answers from Memphis on

I echo the mom that suggested looking at diet. I've read too many stories of people who changed their diet and got better mentally not to believe! In fact, I'm looking at my 3-y/o's diet right now, because sometimes he has such tremendous mood swings (not approaching bi-polar! but he gets mad/bad at times, and then can be just the sweetest little thing. I know some of it is due to low blood sugar sometimes, because there are times when he changes from "angry monster" into "loving, docile child" after eating). Anyway, I'm following the Blood Type Diet (, and it seems to help both him and my husband in their moodiness. It certainly can't hurt!

It may be that your child is sensitive to certain food additives or dyes, so keep a food journal for him and see if you can spot a trend -- for example, he drinks Cherry Kool-Aid (chock-full of Red Dye #40) at lunch, and is bouncing off the walls five hours later; or he eats eggs for breakfast and he is lethargic or crabby mid-morning or at lunchtime. Doing this could be enlightening.



answers from Raleigh on

Unfortunately, if your child truly has bipolar, there aren't any natural means of dealing with the manic part. Is there a history of bipolar or other mood disorders in the family? If not, please investigate the diet issue. If bipolar is an accurate diagnosis, the sooner it is accepted and dealt with the better everyone will be. It is a real medical condition not something your child is doing. It's as real as diabetes and if your child needed insulin I'm sure you wouldn't hesitate to use it. Good luck.



answers from Charlotte on

Not that it is a cure all, but many people I know have treated depression, bipolar symptoms, ADHD, & the like w/ regular visits for Chinese REFLEXOLOGY treatments. I have seen wonderful results with their kids. In addition to the reflexology, some also regularly go to a psychologist to be able to talk out & resolve some issues. The psychologist can give them some mental tools for managing feelings & situations.

D. M. Focht
"Shaklee -Creating Healthier Lives & Environment"



answers from Raleigh on

I would search for a good Homeopath.
Homeopathy can help the body help its self. IT works on correcting problems, not masking symptoms.

If you cant find one, try a naturopath. Those two kinds of practitioners would be a good start for alternative health care support.

Also, this may or may not be helpful, but I know diet can play a huge roll in many disorders. Check out this site, it can't hurt!

I hope you find someone who can help!




answers from Greensboro on

The best natural remedies for depression/bipolar are an all-natural diet with lots of fresh fruits & veggies, supplemental fish oil, little or no white sugar & flour, and absolutly no artificial sweeteners - especially ASPARTAME. Learn about harmful foods at Feingold is a 30yr old non-profit organization whose purpose is to inform the public about harmful petroleum-based artificial ingredients in our food supply. These additives cause ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar and many other emotional and physical side effects. Feingold is a leading authority on this subject and has helped thousands of families over the years. Good luck and best wishes.

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