Binky Rash

Updated on December 19, 2010
N.H. asks from Murrieta, CA
9 answers

So I have tried Aquafor, Vaseline, Hydrocortizone Cream, and have had a rx for Mimyx. Nothing has worked to take away my son's binky rash (even two visits to the doc), they have calmed the rash. However, today was a really dry day and when I came home his rash was bright red and looks sooo painful, does anyone know what else I can do?

I'm not getting rid of the binky, so save your time, rude comments & go to another post if that's how you feel.

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answers from Reno on

my son gets the same thing i use resinol below is the link to the web site. it also works amazingly on diaper rash and eczma. good luck

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answers from Honolulu on

If you can get an Aloe Vera plant... then cut off a "leaf" slice it open, and the inner flesh is quite moist...anyway, just dab some of the "goo" onto the affected area and let it dry. It will leave a protective film over the area. Just apply as needed.

Aloe vera... is a real "healer", which here in Hawaii, we use it for cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburns etc. It really works.
And it's safe.

Oh, just make sure that his "binky rash" is not like a "fungus" infection or something (since that area is usually moist with saliva)... if so, the other ointments you tried won't work. You need to use something like an anti-fungal cream (the kind like for jocks itch etc.) and this would work. BUT ASK YOUR PEDIATRICIAN first. I am not an expert.

My son has had that once in a while... but then it cleared up on its own.

You may also want to make sure you clean/sterilize the binky very well everyday.

Also, IF he is on solids... and he eats then uses his binky... whatever is in the food and then when it mixes in with his saliva, it could just be irritating his skin around his mouth, since the saliva is drooling around his mouth as he uses his binky and it's constant moisture in that same spot.

Here's a link of rashes:

Some may tell you to just get rid of the binky...but, that is a personal thing...

Hope this helps,

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answers from Los Angeles on

During my son's binky phase he got this a couple of times, and I had to have about 10 different binkies that I boiled/washed regularly. Also, I made sure his skin was dry in between binky changes. And, like Susan for the second one I had to get an anti-fungal cream, not ointment. For some reason, ointments just made it worse or gross.

Good Luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hello N., I would boil the binky's regularly. It is important to keep them as clean as possible. When you boil them it sterilizes them. There could be bacteria that continues to irritate his mouth. Boiling them should rid the binky of unwanted germs. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

What do you do? Are you kidding? If the child is older than 2 years old - I think you are a weak person to keep giving that poor kid a binky. Especially if it is making them sick.

They dont need the pacifier - you do. You are an enabler. It is so sad when parents just dont deal with their children and continue to ignore them - or find a way to "pacify" instead of working to find an answer. Stop being LAZY and take care of your children.



answers from Los Angeles on

I used Neosporin with pain relief ... my pedi said it was ok... you might want to check w/ yours...



answers from Los Angeles on

could your baby be teething??
just a thought



answers from Los Angeles on

Try boiling ALL the binkys for 10 minutes. That was the only thing that worked when our girl got the rash.



answers from Dayton on

My son also has a binky rash. My mother-in-law read somewhere to try cornstarch. I have been afraid to use it because he has such sensitive skin and I want to ask his doctor first. I have tried Aquafor..I load up on that stuff. It works pretty good, but like you said never takes it away. I used regular chapstick before and it worked great. Just regular chapstick, not blistex or anythng that is too strong to burn the rash on his face. I hope that I was of some help. If you find anything that works please let me know!
Im not getting rid of the bink either!!!!

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