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Updated on March 23, 2012
A.H. asks from Allen, TX
5 answers

I was wondering if anyone uses their credit card to pay your monthy household bills(visa,Amex).....cable, cell phone, electric bill...etc. Why do you choose to pay this way? Does it help you juggle the bills each month or is it just better to pay each one directly and not use the credit card?
Thanks so much!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi A.,
In this crazy economy everyone has been affected. I do credit repair and you will be surprise how it can improve your life.
call me to we can talk about some options.



answers from Dallas on

I do both. I use a mastercard for several of my monthly bills, only because they are recurring payments and I like to rack up the reward points, and we also use online billpay for a few others. However this CC is paid in full monthly via online billpay, so we never keep a balance.


answers from Dallas on

I don't either. My bills are paid every month on a schedule through online bill bay through my bank so I don't have to do anything anymore. Some people might pay there bills with a reward credit card to earn rewards faster but like the other person said I hope ther paying the balances off right away because then they are paying a lot of interest. We always pay ours off before the due date. We use our rewards card to get cash. When I get so many points I can redeem it for cash. It's adding up fast. Soon I'll be able to get $500.00 cash.


answers from Detroit on

I would never use a 'credit' card to pay my house bills, for me it just does not make sense to 'credit' utilities. I use an automatic bill payment service that pays my bills for me (I pay the money off-course :)), love the stuff they do, check my bills dates, check for errors, duplicates, double charges etc and then pay bills automatically for me so I get a centralized place from where my bills are paid.


answers from Dallas on

No we do not. I use online banking for everything. It is so easy and convenient. We are a numbers couple and I am online banking and credit cards reconciling and scheduling outgoing bills often. When I get a bill, I program it to be paid right away.

We have 2 Citibank cards.

Card 1. Drivers Edge where you get points and a discount off of a new car when you buy one. The nice thing about DE is that you negotiate your best car deal, work everything out and then send the paperwork to Citibank. We have received as much as $2500 cash back from Citibank on car purchases. We use this card in the beginning of the year until we max out the benefit.

Card 2. American Air miles. We use this one to collect miles for travel. We use this card after we max out the benefit on the DE card.

We do not use both cards at the same time.

I will use one of the 2 to pay for our yearly home and car insurance to get some extra benefit but those are the only bills we pay that way.

Of course, you defeat the purpose if you use the card and then do not pay in FULL each month. We NEVER carry a balance, it is paid in full (plus some) during the month via online banking.

I personally would not recommend paying bills this way. It is WAY too easy to get sucked in and end up with major credit card debt. If you use credit cards, you must be very disciplined. Online banking through our bank is our preference.

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