Bill Collector Harrassing Me and It's Not Even My Bill!!

Updated on February 15, 2011
K.C. asks from Harper Woods, MI
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Hi Ladies,

I had a co-worker about 5 years back that I found out has used me for many references. I found out when I started getting call after call looking for her. I have not worked with her for about 7 years now. I got all of them but one to stop calling. Do any of you have any suggestions. He lies when he calls saying he's from the FBI or he'll tell me that the legal matter will involve me. But when I try to ask questions he never gives me info.

Someone told me about a law that he is breaking but I cannot find it. I have searched online but maybe I am overlooking it. Has this happened to you...please help.


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So What Happened?

Well, I finally got down-right nasty with him. the calling stopped for some months but he will ocassionally call again...and I just hang the phone up on him. I never really did find the smoking gun I was looking for and I don't have much information about him or the company he works for to take any further action.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Here is the Federal Trade Commission

At the bottom they tell you where you can report them.

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answers from Saginaw on

same thing happens to me...found out that they didn't even have to use you for a reference for it to happen. I'm getting calls for one of my brothers friends even! and calls for my son's father (never married). wanna know what a lawyer told me? FACEBOOK!!!!
anyone you are tied to on facebook, you could potentially get calls for, if they can find other ties.
its ridiculous the amount of information sharing that is happening and you don't even know about it.
good luck

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answers from Redding on

I kept getting calls for my ex husband who I'd divorced 13 years before. I did pretty well at saying that I didn't know anyone by that name, but, I made the mistake one day of correcting the pronunciation of the last name. She was on to me!

However, I told her the truth. I did know him, obviously, but we had been divorced for years and weren't on good terms at all. I didn't know where he worked, what his finances were other than he basically got out of paying child support and she said that she would personally see to it that I was never bothered again.
And, I wasn't.

One thing these callers don't like is you asking THEM questions.
What's your name and title, what is the name of your supervisor, what is the name of the company you work for? They don't like answering questions. Also, you can tell them that they can communicate with you in writing or not at all. If they ask your address, say, "You work for the FBI. I'm sure you already have it." (Or whatever their "legal" schpiel is).

I've gotten calls for people with my last name that I've never even heard of. They pay for information lists and just start calling anyone and everyone hoping they'll get something to track someone down.

Like I said, try turning the questions back on them. They don't like that.

I hope you get some great responses.

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answers from San Francisco on

Send him a "cease and desest" letter, if he won't give you and address, tell him verbally that he is not to call you again. If he says he's from the FBI and isn't he could be in serious trouble, so I would turn him into the FBI. That should keep him and his organization busy for a while. (It's a felony to impersonate an FBI agent or police officer).


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answers from Atlanta on

Hi KC,

Put yourself on the "Do not call" list. Then tell him you are on the "Do not call" list and if he calls again you are reporting him. Then do it. His company will be fined and he will probably lose his job.


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answers from Oklahoma City on

Tell the caller that you don't know the person in question and that you need to be placed on their do not call list. Ask for a supervisor, and repeat. Ask for their supervisor and repeat. They will most likely hang up and then call back a bit later.

I always piss them off when they start telling me they are going to file papers to take us to court, I laugh out loud and tell them "Please do that, I need you to, can we get that scheduled soon? I really want to go to court and have my day to be heard" they are astonished at this and say "Are you crazy?". I tell them no, that' I'm not crazy but the judge will tell them to stop calling me and that they will have to go testify as to what they said and if I asked to be taken off the call list. The judge will ask them if I requested to be taken off the call-list and why did they refuse. They will be fined, etc...I go on and on and they are apologizing and I hardly ever hear from them again.

I only had 2 friends do this to me and they both have disappeared of the face of the earth. I am not the bill collectors private investigates and they can find them themselves.

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answers from Honolulu on

Tell them to send you to court and that your lawyer will take care of it. Also tell them that you will only deal with them via certified letter from now on and will not reply unless a lawyer is involved. Also while while we are at it I need the address of your place of employment so I can tell it to my lawyer. If they won't give it then tell them you need to talk to a supervisor.

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answers from Seattle on

In addition to the infor on the FTC that katie posted...

Oh BOY honey... you get to report him to the police for impersonating an FBI agent. :) :) :) Make sure you have a list of the numbers/times he's called (your phone bill with those calls highlighted... and stars next to the ones indicating the times he's impersonated an FBI / govt employee. The police will be able to back trace even "unknown" / private numbers as well as block him permanently.

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Detroit on

Contact your local news station. They should have a troubleshooter reporter. This doesn't cost anything and I've used them before with excellent results.

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answers from Norfolk on

Tell them to hold on, you'd like to record this conversation as per your lawyer's suggestion.

If they stay on the phone after that, get the name of thier company and tell them you cannot help them and would like your phone number removed from their files.

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answers from Chicago on

have your phone company block the call- if its really the FBI, trust me they will find you.

Since this is not your bill, its not your worry! Sorry this is happening, how annoying!

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answers from Detroit on

I'm sure there is somewhere, like the Better Business Bureau, that you can report him to. I'd call and ask them or look on line.

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answers from Chicago on

It depends on who he actually works for and what he actually does in regards to the laws, but you can contact BBB and Attorney General etc to get them to leave you alone.

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answers from Detroit on

Does his phone number come up on your caller ID? If it does you can tell him AGAIN you don't know where this person is and that you have HIS number and you will report him to the police for harrassing you. It is almost like prank calling and I know THAT is against the law. Kids get into trouble all the time for making prank calls. You could just ignore the call when his numbe comes up an the caller ID. Unless you want to contact an attorney....I beleve they have to stop if an attorney contacts them. I hope someone else has the answer for you.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Google it and you will find something about it . I believe it is Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the website I think is but not sure on the rest to get you to where you need. If they are misrepresenting themselves and/or theatening you they are breaking a law. I wish you lots of luck with this as I know they can be real jerks!



answers from Fort Wayne on

the next time they call you be kind and say "well what info do I need to give her to contact you? and who is she to ask for? is there an email address mailing address and so forth? that way you can gather your ammo and nail this person for harrassing you. and the only reason I say be kind is they will more than likely give you the info and they wont know you are up to something. gl

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