Bikini Waxing - Pros & Cons

Updated on May 23, 2008
M.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Hi Ladies,

I know this is a touchy subject, but I need more info on bikini waxing at a salon. I've never had it done, but I think I'm ready! If you've had it done, I need you to explain to me a few things. Like, how often do I need to get it done, what do you wear when there, what about ingrown hairs, is it too late to start now that summer is upon us, do you recommend a place?

Thank you so much!

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So What Happened?

You ladies are so awesome! I am so excited now to go and get this done :-) Thank you for all the tips and information. I love this site! Have a wonderful day and I'll let you all know how it turns out!

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Hi M.,

I have never had the waxing done, but I did have laser hair removal done. I say if your going to spend the money, get it done permanently. I love the results, and it was not too expensive. The people are professional, it is like seeing a doctor. The only thing is you have to keep the area protected from sun while getting the treatment. So if you are going to do it, start at the end of summer, by next year you wont ever have to worry again.


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answers from Phoenix on

I've been waxing for over a year now and I wont ever go back to shaving. The worst part about it is having to grow the hair out before the next treatment. They say it should be the length of a pencil eraser for the best results.
You should go to a higher end salon, it really does make a difference. Even at a nice place it shouldn't cost too much, ranging from 35-50$ typically. You should take a couple of Advil about 45 minutes before your appointment. How often you should get it done depends on the courseness of your hair, usually 4-6 weeks.
I live in Gilbert and like XS Salon on Val Vista.
Good Luck!



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Are you talkin' just the sides or Brazilian? I can tell you from experience that a Brazilian HURTS!!! But, it is so worth it if you have a high pain threshold, your hair comes back like arm hair and you only have to have it done about every 5 weeks. As far as just bikini I am sure it is the same but less painful. You just wear your normal clothes and the esthetician will give you instructions :0)


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I am a owner of Phoenix Women's Fitness and Speciale Spa where we offer not only traditional waxing and Alexandria Sugaring which in many cases can be a little less uncomfortable when getting a bikini and/or Brazilian. The first time you have it done it will be a little more uncomfortable, much like when you first started either plucking or waxing your eyebrows, and yes there are area's that are more sensitive than others. You typically repeat the process every 3 to 6 weeks. Generally more often initially while being able to go longer between visit the more you have it done.

Sugaring with many seems to have a better success rate at not only reducing the amount of hair regrowth but also it can change the texture that grows back. It also has a lower incidence of ingrown and breakage of hairs since the hair is removed in the same direction of hair growth verse waxing which removes in the opposite direction. Also wax is hot while sugaring is warm. With sugaring the hair only needs to be about 1/16th of an inch were waxing it needs to be about 1/2 inch long.

Hope I haven't scared you off. Please feel free to give me a call at ###-###-####, should you have any other questions. You can visit my website at and we always give first time clients $10 off there first visit with the exception of our massage and facial specials we are offering to all Mamasource members. Best wishes, D.



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I have a great girl who does my waxes, as well as facials and massages and she is really cool and laid back. She will make you feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommed her versus some of the spas or salons locally because they don't do a full wax. They have you wear some kind of paper panties which is BS. You need someone who is as comfortable as your gyno working down there. You can reach Mary at ###-###-####. She is on the corner of McQueen and Pecos in her own little place. She is also an AMAZING massuse and is very reasonable. Tell her D. sent you!



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I go every 5-6 weeks & use a product called "Tend Skin" whenever I get bumps or itchy spots. I go to a place called Wax Works in Scottsdale because it is a personal friend, however I believe that Dolce Salon & Spa offers waxing services. I reccommend not being to turned off by cost because the nicer places are worth it!



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I have never had this done but I did work for a lady once that always got one. She would go at least once a month sometimes every 2 weeks. I am not sure about any of the other questions you have because I never asked questions. :-)

I hear that you can get laser hair removal now, wonder how much that is and if that would hurt less? :-)



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Waxing is well worth the little bit of pain invovled. The results are much better than shaving and the regrowth is slower and eventually much less course/bushy. For any razor burn/ingrown hairs, use a product called Tend Skin. It smells like vinegar but works great. You can get it at most salons. I've been going to a salon in Tempe (Elliot & McClintock) called Ragtop's for years and my tech is Tammy Gaeric (sp?). She's a great gal and does a very good job...I do my lower leg and brows with her, too. Go for it and enjoy the freedom from the razor!



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Waxing is so much better than shaving. It lasts longer and isn't uncomfortable when the hair is growing back. It can hurt but the hurt doesn't last long. If you have someone good than it will hurt less too. I am now having laser hair removal done and it is awesome, but I am a huge advocate for waxing over shaving. The con is that you have to plan ahead with waxing if you know when you are swimming, going to the beach, etc and you have re-growth. I would recommend getting waxed monthly. I highly recommend Carol at the Total Touch ###-###-####. Located in Tempe on Elliot and Rural. I live in Chandler but drive there to see her! Oh, and it is not too late.

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