Bikini Wax While Pregnant

Updated on August 17, 2009
A.Y. asks from Washington, DC
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OK, Ladies, this is a total shot in the dark, but I'm very interested in responses (sorry if it gets too descriptive)

I'm in my 3rd trimester and really want to get a bikini wax. I've never had it before just always shaved, trimmed, etc. Considering a bikini wax so I don't have to shave every other week and feel "smooth and silky" for much longer. So, the question is has anyone had experience like that (during ANY trimester) and what was it like or any other suggestions I need to consider before I go in?

Mamas, I always listen to you, so can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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So What Happened?

Mamas!!! First and foremost, I absolutely love you all! Please keep it coming, as I will do my part as well. So, thank you all for such great responses.

And, so after weighing all the pros and cons, I did it!!! And eventhough I got some really caring and cautionary advices in pm, I got waxed for the first time in my life while being 7 1/2 months pregnant. What a great job they did!! I didn't take any advil/tylenol/ibuprofen beforehand, as someone suggested, for obvious reasons AND just because I don't like any kind of drugs, period. Lady that did it was very understanding, she was very nervous at first, but I was the one that had to put her at ease... :) And so it went quickly, yes it hurts a little bit and a few red bumps afterwards, but 24 hours later I was silky smooth and pain-free. And it lasts for weeks!!! I now may be addicted... :)

The only problem is where do I go around here?? I had it done in a different state while on vacation, so now that I am due in the next couple of weeks and need another one ASAP, I really don't know anyone here (still relatively new to the area). So, lookimg for some suggestions from personal experiences preferrably, but always open-minded to any kind of advice. Thank you, ladies, once again

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I have been getting a Brazilian wax for over a year now. I have also had a wax done in every trimester so far. Some are sensitive and it does sting a little but, I love it and I will be getting my last one before I deliver and I will be around 34 weeks then. However you have not had one at all. The sting is quick if the person is good. I only get mine done at the Red Door by Elizabeth Arden though. They have special wax that doesn't require strips and is the best I have ever had.

Good Luck!



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I am only in my first, but I just had one last weekend. While I normally have very sensitive skin, I did not have any pain or reaction this time....however, I have had it done several times and already had an idea of what I was getting in to......I also knew the spa and knew that they were VERY careful about using safe wax and very sterile methods. There is risk of rash and infection if the place does not follow strict guidelines.

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It is in the technique. Waxing is done following the growth then when it is ripped pulling the opposite from the growth and has to be held taunt. After ripping they have to hold their hand down on it to keep air from to it. The taunt part is what keeps it from hurting. Doing it fast like taking off a bandaid is also what keeps it from hurting. One you have waxing done it gets easier just like eyebrows. I have done done a preg woman but I do no vericose veins is a no. I have those on my legs. G. W

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A., i started getting waxed before my pregnancies and continued throughout. This may sound weird but i love it! It makes life so much easier and once you start waxing you only have to go every 6 weeks. Plus when your hair starts growing back in its thinner and softer. You want a good amount of growth before your first session (1/4inch or so) so it makes it waxing less painful and more effective. I've been a few places but think Georgia at Designer's Edge is the best and really sweet especially with me being pregnant. Good luck!! hope this helps!



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This is referrenced to the comment asking about the hospitals shaving before a c-section, I had an emergency c-section in 2005 and they pulled out the razor on me, and also embarrased me by annoucing (in the operating room with my daughter's dad and a million staff)that I was "very nicely shaven for not being able to see my feet!" And then put the razor away! Lol So yeah, as far as almost 4 years ago(Oct)they shaved before a c-section here in Az.



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Just an extra thought for interested mamas. I had 3 planned c-sections and got a pretty aggressive wax the week before so I wouldn't have to be shaved before the surgery. Not a Brazilian, mind you, but I didn't want itching and regrowth on top of everything else. So go for it!



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Just responding to someone else that posted that mentioned she got waxed instead of getting shaved for a c-section -- do places still do that? I have had two c-sections and NEVER got shaved....besides I heard that it was something they used to do many MANY years ago, but no longer. And, I got a flesh eating infection from my second c-section and they kept asking me if I shaved recently beforehand (I guess that can cause an infection). I didn't (so it was their fault for the infection)...but just wanted to let others know that you might want to ask your doc -- no one wants an infection like I had....and no one cares (besides yourself) about if you are smooth or not when you're giving birth :) :)



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As for suggested locations, where is "Here"? The suggestions from other mamas are DC/VA and I'm in Western PA...what region are you in? Pitt doesn't have a ton of places to go and I'm still looking, but can tell you the place I use currently if you like...let me know!



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i had one in the 1st trimester. it hurt more than it normally does, but hurts way way less than shaving. i say go for it but be prepared for pain. doesn't hurt near as much as childbirth though...



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I had a bikini wax in my 2nd trimester and definitely plan on doing it again before delivery! I've had them before, though and it all depends on your pain threshold. For me, it was no big deal, for others, it is. I definitely recommend it though. I feel so much better afterwards, clean and smooth! I say go for it. Don't go to some nail place though to get it done, I'd go to a spa, where they take their time and have techniques to lessen the pain of the pull. Also, if they do sugar wax, that is better too, than the traditional wax. Good luck!



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OK.... Bikini waxing is never comfortable, but manageable. For whatever reason, hormones, etc, it hurts WAY MORE when you are pregnant! I was warned by the aestitician doing my waxing, but dismissed her because I have had it done many times before. It was pretty uncomfortable. I still think it is better than shaving, but be prepared!

Good Luck




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I've been doing them for awhile and asked about waxing during pregnancy for a friend. The woman who does mine recommends doing them regularly during your pregnancy so your skin is used to it. You have a lot of blood flowing to that area right now and your skin will be super sensitive. I would say if you think you can handle the pain, go for it, but call around to find a reputable spa or salon that has experience with this. I get mine done in DC near work.



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I waxed in my second and third trimester as I had let things get a bit overgrown down there. I had no problem whatsoever and my husband was very appreciative. My midwife and later the surgeon were pleasantly surprised at how much easier and cleaner it made things when I had to have an emergency C-section during delivery.

In terms of pain, I found it be the same pain as when I wasn't pregnant. Clinching the abdominal muscles is an instinctive reaction to the anticipation of the discomfort, so if you're on bedrest or under observation for fear of early labor I would caution against getting it done. If you've never been waxed before, this also might not be the best time to try it out unless you are very comfortable with your body and familiar with your threshhold for pain.

It was a bit complicated trying to reach some areas since I couldn't lie on my stomach. Although the removal is shocking and can leave you stinging, once it was done I felt much better about my body in my pregnant state.



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I was wondering if you are in the Memphis area and if so, would you recommend the place you went? I need to have this done and I am 7 months pregnant myself. thanks! L.



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I got one last year when I was about 6 months pregnant and it definitely hurt more than before. (I'd only had it done once or twice before, but I don't remember it hurting that badly.) But it was worth it because then I didn't have to worry about it all summer, when I couldn't even really see down there over my belly, and I could go swimming with my son.



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Hi A.. I thought the same thing and did get waxed durring my 3rd trimester. (4 weeks out to be exact)First of all, nothing has ever hurt as bad as that did. The second she pulled the strip off I turned black with bruises. As it turned out, I had my son 2 days later. I was already dialated a tiny bit so that may have been part of the bruising. I know I didn't have him early because of the waxing, I tend to have early babies anyway. The doctors let me have it about the waxing idea. They told me that durring the third trimester our bodies are getting ready to deliver, (duh, I know) but that involves swelling in that area and I never should have waxed. They told me it was dangerous that close and not to do that again. Hope my silly mistake hepls with your decision. I know everyone is different and you may be fine, but I'll never do that again! Good luck and congrats on the baby!!!



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I did it (had been for years) and have a lot of patients that do it, but like others have said, I don't think you should start now. There is a lot of extra blood flow down there making things super sensitive right now. Plus you can't take ibuprofin (Advil or Motrin) which is nice to take before you get a waxing just to help a bit with discomfort.

If you can enlist the help of your significant other that would help. I would just use a trimmer for now.



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I always get waxed while pregnant--I just got waxed last month, while in early labor, three days before delivering my son at home! No big deal! :-)

The only thing to keep in mind is that since you don't normally get waxed, your hair will be more coarse AND you have a higher blood volume due to the pregnancy, so it could smart quite a bit while it's being done--but it's only the initial ripping; it stops hurting immediately.

Go somewhere reputable (i.e. not your local strip mall nail salon) and make sure they use good wax. My gal is AWESOME: Nora Piroglu of Skin Beauty Lounge ( ) in Eastern Market or at Corte ( ) in NW...she is WORTH the drive! I've been seeing her for years!



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Hi A.,
(I tried to post this before but it seems to be lost in cyber-space; so if the first does post later, please forgive my repetition.

I am both a mom and a licensed aesthetician. I have been removing hair from the bikinis of moms-to-be, including my own)for two decades. When done properly, the experience can be a postive one, with desiable results.

Some things to look for in choosing where to go:

What are their sanitizing policies?

Do they use disposable applicators?

What type wax are they using? It makes a big difference. I use soy--better for you, better for the environment.

What temperature do they heat their wax to? it should work at approx. 98.6

Have they waxed an expectant mother before? Make sure they have a few under their belt.

Are they comfortable waxing the bikini area in the first place? some are not. here again find out how many they have done.

home care is imporatant. you shouldn't have to ask about it, they should offer you this info as part of the service.

Happy hunting, and have a beautiful day!

Natural Beauty Studio, llc
(you can check out my listing under businesses)



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I have gotten bikini waxes for many, many years and the pain never bothered me, but I know some people think it is very painful. To me the benefits were much more than the pain. That being said, when I was pregnant I got a bikini wax around month 7 and it was one of the most painful things. I still remember it to this day! I would recommend you waiting until after you have the baby - it may turn you off forever!



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I recommend a bikini wax. It prevents those little red bumps from razor burn and stays smooth much longer. I had one done in the third trimester of my pregnancy - I think just a week or two before my due date. No problems. It doesn't tickle, whether you or pregnant or not, but it's worth the few minutes of pain.


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According to March of Dimes:
Q:Can I get a bikini wax while pregnant?
A: Yes, but it might hurt even more than usual. For some women, hair growth increases during pregnancy. Many women also have more sensitive skin while pregnant. That can be a painful combination along the bikini line. Test the wax on a small area of skin first to make sure it isn't too painful.

In the last months of pregnancy, doing a bikini wax at home may become difficult. Those areas may be hard to see, let alone reach. If you really want a bikini wax at this point, you may want to visit the salon.

Next question: A Private Wax :)