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Updated on December 04, 2013
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Mamas & Papas-

Is there a bike that converts and converts and converts some more? from trike to balance bike to bike, to bike with brakes? We already have a radio flyer trike. one of the early 3/1 with a push handle in the back. Looking to transition to the next thing.

F. B.

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answers from Denver on

get a small bike with training wheels, when you son wants to go to a balance bike just take off the pedals and chain. (if you or know somebody who is handy with a wrench) then when he is ready to graduate to a regular bike put it all back on.



answers from Boston on

The short answer is no. You just need to buy new ones (or new used ones) as they go from one stage to the next. Even if a bike had the ability to convert features like that, your child would outgrow it or it would wear out.

We didn't to balance bikes. We did small bikes (12 or 14 inch wheels) with training wheels at age 3, then the next size up around every two years.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We went from a tricycle to a regular 12" bike with training wheels. We had never heard of a balance bike. I still don't know anyone personally that has ever had one. Everyone just goes to the 12". Then when the kiddo gets bigger they go 14", 16" or 18" can be a transition if they just cannot ride the 14" by raising the seat up more or moving the handles. Some kids just grow quickly and skip these sizes too. Then they use the 20" for several years.

Tricycle, 12" bike with training wheels unless kiddo is tall enough to sit on the 14" seat flat footed on the ground with that seat all the way down. Then the 14" will keep them for a couple of years by just raising the seat. Then up to a 20" once they can do the seat at the lowest setting and be flatfooted on the ground.



answers from Chicago on

My brother bought my kids Trek bikes when they turned 3. My daughter will soon be 6 and she is just now outgrowing it. It isn't a balance bike. We borrowed a glider from a friend, but these bikes are great. They don't have hand breaks, but 3 years of use is great, if you ask me. And her bike is like new, so the baby will be using it.

So while it doesn't do everything, I would recommend a quality Trek bike. My son just started ridding his without training wheels, and his bike is just a year old--he turned 4 in 2 days!



answers from Jackson on

My grandson is really small at 3 years old. he is only 34". The 12"bikes were to big for him to pedal. I happened to find a 8" balance bike on craigslist. It is currently his very favorite toy! He can ride it in the house or outside. Now that it is cold he rides it frequently when he comes upstairs at G and G. It is so lightweight that it is very easy to move. I dont know about the regular store one but he has had it for several months and I expect him to start gliding on it way before spring. I strongly recommend going to a balance bike before a regular two wheeler.

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