Bike Size for 3Yr Old

Updated on November 23, 2010
J.S. asks from Warner Robins, GA
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Hiya i was wondering what bike size you have got for your toddler.My daughter just tured 3 shes 37 inches tall some sites say she needs a 16. I did take her to the store the 12 inch bike was too small i even moved the seat all the way up and it was still small, her feet were flat on the floor while she was sitting on the seat..I was going to order a 14 inch but it is alot more money than your 16 inch bike.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son is 3 and 38 inches tall and he has a 16" bike and it works perfect for him! It will also still last him another year or so. Will probably get a new one when he is 5, but i would go with the 16" any smaller and you may be buying a new one next year again.

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answers from Augusta on

it depends on how long her legs are.
take her and have her stand with her feet flat on the ground stradling the bike if there is 1-2 inches of clearance between her crotch and the top of the bar where it meets the handlebars then that's the right size for her. if its right up against her its too tall.

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answers from Norfolk on

I got a 16 in for my son when he was 3. He's 6 now and is riding a 20 inch.

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answers from Dallas on

Our son is 3 and 39 inches and for Christmas we are going with the 16 inch bike. He has tried several at Toys R Us and has handled the 16 inch just fine. We also figure that by the time it's really bike riding weather he will be even more ready for the 16 inch. Bikes aren't cheap, and we don't want to get him one he will out grow in a year.

If he didn't seem comfortable on a 16 inch we would go with the 14 inch. I would see which size she feels comfortable on. Good luck.

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answers from Eugene on

12 inch just means the wheel size. The frame sizes are different with every brand of bike. Try a different brand. You will find a 12" that fits her better. My daughter is 36" rides a 12" Specialized Bike. She could peddle the 16, but it was too high. I have seen the parents/kids that had bought the bigger bike in the neighborhood. The kids just don't seem comfortable and always afraid because it is so tall. The kids on the little bikes fly around having fun. If you go with the 12 inch you can take the wheels off next year and have a balance bike to teach her to ride. She will need to touch the ground to learn to ride.



answers from Tulsa on

You didn't have her sit on the other sizes???? I think it's only something you can see and judge for yourself. She will need room to grow but only you can judge when her last growth spurt was or if she is genetically gifted with long or short legs. K is 7 and her 20" BMX bike is a bit big for her. She is finally growing into it just this past month or so, this summer it was too big but she rode it anyway and occasionally she made it around with out crashing...LOL.

If money is tight and this will be lasting her for at least a year then go with the larger size but if it's too tall then she won't be able to ride it until much later with the training wheels removed. She might be interested later this year in doing that. At BMX we have several "just turned 4 years old" kids racing. One is rated as Expert girl, at 4 years old. She travels all over and races and started at 3.

J is 40" by 40 lbs and he rides the small one from Wal-Mart with training wheels. He will be able to go to the bigger size by Summer I think. He is really slimming down and shooting up. He looks like a preschooler now instead of a toddler :(

When we go for his first BMX bike it will be either the mini or the regular 20". It depends on if he gets legs long enough or if the stay short like his dads. They can be expensive so I hope we can find a good used one when the time comes for him to start racing.


answers from Kansas City on

My son is 41 inches and he uses a 12 inch bike, anything bigger would be way too big and hard for him to steer and peddle. Their feet need to be able to touch the ground when they are sitting for balance in my opinion. I would think a 12 or 14 inch, the only thing that really matters is how high the knees come up to the handle bars.


answers from Dallas on

Really? My DD is 39 inches and fits on her 12 inch just fine. At this age, you want their feet to be able to reach the floor.

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