Bike for 5 Year Old

Updated on May 20, 2009
D.B. asks from Yorkville, IL
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Hello, my daughter will be 5 soon. We are planning to buy her a bike. My question is, what size??? They have 16, 18 and 20 inch. What size is appropriate for her age?? THANKS SO MUCH.

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My son is 6, going to be 7 in a few months. He just learned how to ride his bike w/o training wheels about 4 months ago. We had bought him a "dirt bike" looking bike, it is bigger than the littliest one you can buy, however, he was having such a hard time, it was too big for him and he found it hard to find his balance so far from the gound. Our neighbor boy had a little Spiderman two-wheeler and they let our son use it, we took off the training wheels and he was riding within a few hours! I know it sucks that you will have to buy her a new bike once she grows, but, really the littliest ine is the best to learn on!

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I think it depends on her height, if she is tall for her age a 20 inch might be good so your not having to buy a new one next year. My son turned 4 in February and I just got him a 16 inch with training wheels and it is perfect for him. You can always take her to the store and size them so you know for sure the best one.

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It depends on how tall she is. Take her to the store and have her sit on some of the bikes. She should have an inch between the bike frame and her body. My kids are tall and they were on a size 16 wheel at that age. They went to a 20 inch at 7 or 8 years. If you want this to be a surprise, measure her inseam and then take that measurement against the height of the bike frame as though she is standing. Her toes should be able to at least just touch the ground when sitting on the seat to give her room for growth.

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