Bigger in the Waist 2T/3T Jeans for Toddler Boy

Updated on November 15, 2009
J.M. asks from Royal Oak, MI
7 answers

Can anyone suggest a good place to buy jeans for my little guy who is a little rounder in the tummy area. He really needs a 2T, because a 3T is WAY too long. Everything we get is too tight in the waist. I have tried BABY GAP, but they were still too small. I guess I could buy 3T's and hem them, but really don't want to go through that much trouble. Even the expandable waists don't really work. I need something with ELASTIC. Any suggestion. I bought a pair at H&M when he was younger, that worked with his tummy. But I don't have one close to me and when I check there, they are picked over. Thanks!!!

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I think apparel for everyone is sketchy as one size is not for all in any brand. Especially if you pick two sizes that are the same and they both fit completely different! (And this happens a lot for me, as well as my son.).

My son is the opposite, as he is on the skinny side. So we buy and use the iron-on hemming - it removes rather easily. Or if you hem creatively, you can take it out later. We usually just put a small cuff on him - whether it's "in" or not, I just don't want my son tripping.

If the store/brand you like is picked over, do they have an online site? You may have better luck.

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Carters is good too, my son is the same way and their 2T fit him great.



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I wanted to second Lisa's comment below. Try Target. They have many jeans and pants with full elasic waists, and the waist sizes run large. My boys have the opposite problem, and I have to buy a full-size down for them.

You may also want to try Hanna Andersson, they run large in the waist.



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this may sound weird but try salvation army or mom to mom sales there good on having pants with elastic waste. I have the same problem with two of my kids I hear what you mean. I know kmart or walmart or even target or meijers may have elastic waste pants. good luck.



answers from Detroit on (online only) has a special category of "Slim & Plus" pants.



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my son is super skinny.. also a 2t 3t but we search all over for the trimest fits..

I suggest target cherokee or circo jeans.. they are very wide.. and would never fit my son.. maybe they would fit yours..

Also Okie dokie by jcpenny seems to run very wide.. maybe that would work for you.

we usually buy childrens place and levi.. which are very lean.. good for us.. probalby not for your son.



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J. have you just tried looking on EBay for a larger size of the ones that you said worked for him?

My daugther has sensory issues and shoes are troublesome for her and only a few brands consistently make shoes that work for her -- when I can't find them in stores I turn to Ebay and can almost always find new and almost new.


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